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Vokey SM4 60.04

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i picked one up today for super cheap just because it was a good deal.  i have been looking for a 60 degree as my UW is 50 and my only other wedge above 50 is a 56.11, which i love and use for all shots.  honestly the only use i ever see for a 60 (for me) is short sand shots and lobs in thick grass to a downhill running green.


anyway started doing some research and 4 degree bounce may be TOO low for what i want to use it for.  thoughts?  it was cheap so i could get a profit in resale, so if it's not for me then i really don't care.  just curious on thoughts nonetheless.

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04 wow thats a very low bounce that might be hard to play out of the sand IMO. Great for short chips and such of clean lies but i would thin that sucker alot. I prefer higher bounce out of the sand but hey check it out let me know.

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why is it hard to play in the bunker?


took it to the range tonight and hit around their greens.  it was excellent on the lob and even full shots i was hitting it ~65 yards.  i thought i might hit it fat because i've read that, but didn't seem to be the case.


bunker shots were fair but the sand was very poor quality and really dense, so i couldn't even hit sand shots well with my normal sand wedge.  normally though i would only play the 56 in the sand, i just want the 60 for those extremely short sand shots with very little green to work with.


anyone else?

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I would think a 4* bounce will dig into the sand, not what you want.

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it depends how the sand is at the course.


When it's rock hard (or a very short shot), my low bounce 60 degree is my sandwedge. When they have fluffed it - I use the high bounce 56 degree.


I am sure you will find a use for it somewhere.

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so is the consensus keep it or sell it and trade for a 7 degree?
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Originally Posted by tuffluck View Post

so is the consensus keep it or sell it and trade for a 7 degree?

if you can trade for a 7 degree, go for it - if not, enjoy the club

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In one October range session, I met a guy with a CG12 60* LW with 4* bounce. He said he used it in spring or fall when the lies were tight. Otherwise, he uses about 8* bounce for LW.


He let me try a few shots. Off the brown scruff, it worked fine; remaining green fluff, more iffy.

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that would be great off tight lies or anything hard but something soft you would think it would just dig in like others said. i dont like to change clubs during the year so id get something else but its your bag.

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I had a 4 degree for a week. It was not a good fit for the soft conditions that I typically play in. If it works keep it, if not get the 7 degree. Play a few rounds and report back. I have the old SM 60/8 and the 60 TVD. 

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I have a Vokey 7 degree lob wedge. Versatile enough for most situations and playing conditions when the lob wedge is needed.
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i play a 5 degree bounce mizuno and it works in all types of situations. I like the feel with low bounce wedges.

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