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GoodWill shopping

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Anyone else hit up the GoodWill for golf attire? If not you may give it a thought! I've been doing this for a couple years now. Good quality golf clothes are expensive!! For instance today I picked up a pair of black Nike golf pants and a green FootJoy shirt. Both in like new condition. Total spent $8.50!!! Last year during 1 visit I bought 3 brand new with tags still attached pair of Adidas clima lite golf pants total $13!! That was a savings of $175!!!
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Great find.  I tend to wait for the clearance rack at Golf stores.  I hate paying retail for clothes.

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When I first retired from the Army and got a job where I had to where collared shirts, I used to go to GoodWill and pick up shirts for work.  You can find $40 shirts in there for $5 or so, many of them were brand new.  

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I've never considered it before, but thanks for the great info...I'll be heading to my local thrift to see what's available, as I definitely fall within the category of "fiscally conscious golfer". Again, great tip.
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I prefer shopping at countryclubwhereicannotplay.  I drive over in my large truck (because they all drive something much smaller), wait for someone to come out in an outfit I like, and then ask them nicely to give it to me.  And they do.  Of course I probably have my shoulder holster on...but the pistol is snapped in...I swear!  I have GREAT stuff...usually have to tailor the slacks though...and most golf shoes dont fit either...

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Scored again at the goodwill last week guys!! Callaway golf shirt and another pair of Nike slacks. Blows my mind that not more golfers shop the goodwill! Amazing deals to be had. I usually stop in once or twice a month looking for new deals.
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Every year my friend goes to Goodwill over by Palm Beach and scores some type of pullover. He always gives me one for Christmas. Last year was a Callaway zip long sleeve and this year was a Pinehurst Logo 3/4 sleeve waterproof reversible. I am wearing it today! All the stuff is like new. A couple of weeks ago he scored a tan Footjoy 3/4 windshirt for a few bucks and a Never Compromise putter. There are some deals if you hit the right one. 

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My wife's parents offered to let me store a set of clubs in their snowbird home so that when we fly down there, I can play without bringing clubs.  I already had a spare set of clubs, just didn't have a home for them. 


I happened to pick up a Ping Hoofer bag in used but very clean condition for something like $9. 

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I never even thought about that!  I'd like to find a nice pair of pants.  I only have one decent pair for golfing.

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