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What do you carry in your bag?

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Had my entire bag stolen, so starting off from scratch. Here is what I've come up with so far. Anybody else have any suggestions?


2 Weekend Gloves-
1 Range Glove-
2 Practice Gloves-
Rain Gloves-
Medical Kit (bandaids, ibuprofen, sunblock, bug spray)
Permanent Markers
Bag Towel
X-Personal Towel with ziplock bag  (Taylormade towel)
X-Divot Tools  (2 in bag)
X-Ball Markers (change with 1990 in bag)
X-Koozie (USB koozie)
X-Weekend Golf Balls (2 dozen Taylormade Penta TP5 (#90)
Practice Golf Balls
X-Tees (in bag)

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I have a ton of crap in my bag...


- Aimpoint book

- Tee's

- Divot repair tool

- Ball marker + lots of coins/change

- ~ 15 Balls - I always have to many which weighs down my bag (I'm an idiot)

- Gloves (I don't wear a glove - but just incase it gets really humid and my hands start slipping - or if I get a nasty blister I'll throw a glove on to finish my round)

- Winter gloves

- Winter hat

- Rain hood cover for my clubs

- Umbrella

- Towels (in case it rains - I've got backup)

- Vanity bag to hold watch, ring, keys, etc, etc..

- Plastic alignment aid marker tool

- Sharpies to mark my golf ball(s)


Things I need to add... USGA rule book.  I just played in a tournament last weekend and one of my playing partners had one.  And it came in great use on one of the holes where we weren't sure the deal with regard to his provisional ball.  He hit his first ball into the water on the right.  His provisional ball into the water on the left.  Then decided to take a drop and from where his first ball went into the water hazard.  I wasn't sure if he could do that - but we looked it up and he was entitled to play his first ball (hitting three) based on it entering the hazard.

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Damn, you actually made me think about this. I have accumulated all the above plus a windbreaker and alignment sticks. I think it is time to empty the bag and only carry what I really need which is like half of this sh!t. No wonder my bag is so heavy.

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2 torch lighters

3-4 cigars



frozen water bottle (keep extra beer cold)

6 srixon q-stars

divot tool / ball marker

2 gloves


small tees

large tees

personalized bag tag

leftover tokens from range down the road

regular towel for the green

frogger towel

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Full rain suit.

A couple tee's

12 pro v1's

Frogger brush

A bright yellow CU Buffs towel 

Yellow sharpie


Sunblock for my ears (they get beat up real bad with sunburn) 

Hockey tape (works better then medical tape on my dry cracked hands)

And all the excuses I can come up with

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I'll try to avoid repeating the same old things everyone has in their bag..............



I keep 2-3 diet cokes in my bag when I play.  I do have an insulated pocket that I don't even use for them. I keep my wallet, keys and all that kind of stuff in that insulated pocket. LOL... I put my cokes in a different side pocket, but because it's tight.....they still stay very cold.    Some guys need a cigar, I need a dip!!  A keep a fresh can of Skoal in my bag.   I also carry a spare battery for my laser......


Hmmmmmm what else?  I keep a lot of things in the bag, but nothing too exciting.   Advil is present......and Johnson&J first aid tape is an absolute must.  I use the tape for every round, and the generic #$$% doesn't stick...........it has to be J&J.  Generic is a big no-no!! That stuff is garbage...............


Hmmm......spare pencils with erasers...gotta have those!  A digital camera also lives in my bag........so whenever the mood strikes, I can take golf course pics!!   I keep a lot of other things in my bag...some is seasonal and some is not, but all is very general.  

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Same stuff everyone else has mentioned + clean socks.

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i keep a couple nature valley protein bars in my bag or the munches or when laying and don't stop for lunch.  Def hits the spot and gives some energy.

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I keep all this in my bag pockets: tees, golf balls, GPS, coins, rain gear, glove, rain gloves, sunscreen, extra pencils, notes with a few swing related tips (which i never read. I just keep it in my bag for some reason), clif bar (if i didnt eat yet), divot tool.

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How about putting some clubs in there! Rangefinder, pencil, yardage charts, snack bars, water bottle, alignment sticks.

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Originally Posted by Earlsferry View Post

How about putting some clubs in there! Rangefinder, pencil, yardage charts, snack bars, water bottle, alignment sticks.

Haha beat me to it. I was reading this and thinking "man, these guys have some solid handicaps to not even carry any clubs!"... Basically everything that I carry has been covered, but on tournament days I will throw an uncrustable PB&J sandwich in there to thaw out and take a couple waters for the round.

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Someone asked this a while back either on this site or another one.  I actually went out and checked just to see.  I still had the list and it has not changed.

14 clubs, all TM


I bag tag hanging on the bag received when I made my last hole-in-one

Clip on Sunglass case with pair of NYX sunglasses

Clip on bag containing pair of winter gloves and a pair of FJ rain gloves

Inside the bag itself....

Large ziplock bag with golf gloves (currently 9)

FJ Rain Hat

Zero Restriction rain jacket

Zero Restriction rain pants


Laser rangefinder

handful of tees

spike wrench

TM club wrench

3 green Sharpies

Several golf pencils

Roll of surgical tape


Lip Balm

Dry oil suntan spray SPF4

4 quarters

Several plastic ball markers (for other people)

Rules of Golf book

Bag with 4 batteries in it for my rangefinder

Grape Crystal Lite

Package of Sweetened Koolaid (because I am diabetic)

At least a dozen golf balls


And I wonder why my bag is so heavy.  :)

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Nothing new to add here other than a current rule book and an good chunk of 1 dollar bills for whatever game we're playing.


 I hauled this am's bag during a pro-am and when I met him he had just come from the range, he dropped off his bag and took off to eat or something. So naturally I look in his bag and counted clubs, looked to see if he has balls and what not. Low and behold he had a full size, regulation video camera in his bag. It was the kind that held the old VHS tape in it. To make matters worse he had managed to make off with 3 bags of balls from the range and had them stuffed in there. Huge pro staff bag that weighed a ton. Needless to say he made a trip to the car.

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Currently have
2 old gloves for practice or wet days
1 r11 glove
Bag of seasoned spits
Bushnell v3
Cobra wrench
Eos mint lip balm
Mueller pro wrap stuff
5 pencils
Hand full of zero friction tees
Replacment brush head for my frogger
2 replacment batteries for the bushnell
8 z star xv spin skin ones
3 z star xv from last year
Bug spray
Zip lock of aleve
Couple bucks
Little container of a535
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14 Clubs
Practice glove
Playing glove
Spare unused playing glove
12 Titleist ProV1X Practice Grade Balls
9 Nike 20-XI unused balls for tournaments
(I play an open windy home course, with tall ragweed extra rough which explains excess balls)
Oklahoma Sooner divot tool with ball marker
Wooden tees for range
Plastic Eposch S3 playing tees
Rain hood
Rules of golf and swing tip book
Sharpie in 3 different colors
Towel and club brush
6 pack of beer with ice in my insulated pocket
(It's a cart bag)
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Extra Glove

Rain Gloves


Balls, balls, and more balls

Two bottles Gatorade + 1 bottle pomegranate juice

Advil liqui-gels

Pack American Sprits



Club towel

Club brush


Club wrenches - Callaway and Cobra

Divot tool




Rule book

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Wow. Am I the only one who carries their own bag anymore? Either that, or I am really impressed at what you all can carry :-)


12 clubs

Hand towel from the bathroom towel set

3-4 balls

some tees

2 coins

4-5 gloves

A few excedrin and aleve and a small tube of superglue, in a plastic pill bottle


Old ping carry-lite bag. That's all I got. Used to carry a full size bath towel but those get real heavy when wet :-) 

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Extra pair of sunglasses

Two waters



One Less Putt practice ball

Extra Shirt

Clean socks

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