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Cutting putter shaft and re-adding weight ( Tungsten Powder )

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I need to have my putter shaft cut from 35 inches to around 33 inches because its too long. I know I will need to add weight to re-gain the same feel after I shorten the shaft. I have used lead tape before, but had problem with it falling off. I was thinking about going another route and putting Tungsten powder down the shaft and corking it. Can anyone share thier experiences with doing this? Anything I need to know or be aware of? Never done it before so any comments welcome.


Also, I have a center shafted putter. Will doing this effect the balance of my putter head etc...?



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A putter head weighs approximately 350 grams (some even a little more).  Two inches of a steel shaft weigh about 4 grams. You might be able to feel the difference in weight, but I doubt it. I've added powder/cork to change swingweights in irons and it's no big deal, but in this case I wouldn't.


Maybe other clubmakers have a different opinion on swingweighting putters, but I say don't worry about it.

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Thanks for the reply. I had my previous putter cut 2 inches and I lost quite a bit of weight overall. I'm not sure of the overall grams, but the feel felt like a feather. I guess I can always see how it feels and what the actual weight is and adjust accordingly.

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I had the putter cut to 31 inches from 34. 31 inches is pretty short but in my best posture with my arms hanging I’m still even shocking up on the 31 a little bit. Feels much more comfortable now and my head feels much more over the ball. I didn’t have to use and Tungsten powder, because surprisingly, the putter actually feel like it weights heavier at the bottom then it even did before. I guess this is due to it being that much shorter? I thought the opposite would happen as technically you are losing weight, but I guess the weight is distributed differently now. Anyway, feels good and can’t wait to get on the greens.

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I cut my White Hot #2 down to 31" and didn't notice a difference. I did it with my present putter too - a Carbite Polar Balanced DC that I found at a garage sale for $3. It was a belly putter which I tried but couldn't get the belly thing so I cut it down to 31". Then threw on a Tigershark Oversized grip and I've been rolling ever since.
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I had a 42" SeeMore SI3 Belly Putter which is also center shafted and i had it cut down to 34" and im loving it. The golf rep told me that the head might feel a little heavy (and it does have a slight to hang as opposed to a face-balance weight) but the added weight (without really adding) seems to help get the ball to the target. I also have a Ping Karsten C67, which i was using but found that on slow greens I was leaving lag putts super short, so made the switch. Both of them are using the Super Stroke 3.0 grips and those seem to help also.

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