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Help with my bag

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Over the last 2 months I've started to upgrade my equipment that I've played for last few years. Right now I have R1 driver which I love and seeing parts of the course I've never seen before. RBZ 3 wood probably my favorite club right now as I can confindently go at par 5's in 2 now. Mizuno JPX 825 4-G wedge, JPX 56 SW and my putter. That leaves me with 2 clubs I can add. I really don't care for a lob wedge because I love my JPX 56 and feel very good with it from 80 yards and in from any situation. I've hit new a lot of 3 hybrids lately and the new Ping G25 has been my favorite and will most likely add that. So that leaves me with 1 club I can add. Besides a lob wedge what should I be looking at?
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Well, you could always looks at a 5 wood depending on how close the loft is to the hybrid, but you don't need to have the maximum amount of clubs in your bag, if you have all of the lofts covered then that's just less weight that you have to carry around. (If you carry the bag)

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Theoretically your lob wedge could be an add around the greens if you find yourself in Phil'esque situations.  I miss having a lob and find the bounce on my 56 too high for situations where I need to flop on tight grass.  What's the bounce on your 56?  If it is high, perhaps a low bounce 60 would be a good add...

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I'd look at adding a 60* wedge.  You may be surprised at how they can help you around the green.

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I've thought about a 5wood, but with 15 degree 3wood and a 20 degree hybrid not sure it fits, but I guess there is about a 25 yard gap there. My game around the greens might be my best thing going right now so don't want to mess that up with adding a 60. I like the fact that I have one go to club inside 80yards and don't have a decision to make
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Keep in mind, you can always just have 13 clubs in the bag and not necessarily have a 14th, especially if you're comfortable with the set now. But if you REALLY want that last club, I would also get a 60* or see if there's a distance gap between your 3 wood, 3 hybrid, and your 4 iron and put in a new club to fill it. 

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Without knowing the distance you hit each club, it's impossible to suggest where your yardage gaps are, if any.  Be honest with yourself, write down the AVERAGE (not your all-time best) distance for each club.  Then think about the course(s) you play most often, and what shots you may need to hit that you currently don't have the club to hit it.


For example, my home course has two par 3's, that are 205-215 yards.  I only had a 4-hybrid that I could hit 190, which always left me with a chip for a 2nd shot, and which led to too many bogeys.  I purchased a 3 hybrid that goes about 210 and now use it on those two holes with pretty good success. Maybe you have a couple of holes like that at your course.


Since you like your 56° wedge, there is no requirement for a 60° if you don't want it.

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Depends on the loft of you 4 iron. If your 3 wood and 4i are 15* and 24* you could add 18* and 21* Hybrids or similar. However, if you're like me and have a 21* 4iron you're going to find it difficult to fit in 2 clubs without swapping clubs out.


Personally I'm going for an 18/19* Hybrid and a 60* lob wedge. I find it serves a specific purpose when I'm close to the green and have a bunker I want to get up and stop quickly in less than 35 yards

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