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Putting tips after receiving TERRIBLE news.

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Hey guys,

Just found out I am having L3,L4,L5 disc surgery next week and am down from golf for 4 months. The doctor said NO full swings for 16 weeks with NO exceptions. He did say after 4 weeks I can start putting and very light chipping. So I was hoping you guys could give some ideas on how best to utilize my time and keep it fresh cause just putting and chipping only is going to get old. I am going to work a lot on 6 - 10 foot breakers, 40' lag putting but after that I am stumped.

Any other drills you guys can offer up to keep me from going insane. I am going to take seine as often as I can and make it a competition as best I can but I'm usually going to be alone. Also, when at home, is there any benefit to me putting in my basement on carpet? Any help or ideas you can give me I really appreciate especially with the bummer
News I got. I was really hoping to make big strides this year. I has lessons lined up and a good group of guys and we put a regular schedule together. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear that man.


Looking on the bright side, you're a 36 handicap and this happened BEFORE you started the lessons. Get through your rehab then you'll be set to practice what you learn in the lessons.

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I am very sorry to hear about the surgery. Can you walk around after the surgery? If yes, my suggestion is while you are still on the recovery you take an aimpoint class, then you can work on something like in this video. When you can start putting and using the aimpoint you have learned.

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Crap, but if you have trouble swinging the club when you get fit again I can recommend using the LPG swing. The swing uses a smaller shoulder turn and a front arm bent at about 90 degrees. It takes all the stress off your back.

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I think you need to worry about the  recovery from the back surgery  It is not a piece of cake and nothing to take for granted. Do what the doc says and worry about golf after you and he fell the back is ready. Nothing worse than over doing it to soon.

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Thanks for the replies. I am going to take it slow but the doctor is the one who said putting and light chipping is OK.

I will be able to get up and walk around after the surgery. It is actually encouraged because it gets the blood flowing and that is what ultimately starts the healing process.

The doctor said after surgery I should have no limitations in my swing and will be able to do everything I was before the surgery. Even more than golf like weight lifting and running. It will just take 4 months to get there.
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My favorite game on the putting green is one where I use one ball and try to chip close and one putt from off the green.  I roll the ball off the green and play it from where it lies.  You can work your way around the green and try different holes and distances (close, far etc.).  It beats just putting or chipping from the same spot.


Best luck on your recovery.

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If you can't play... I would peruse the forums here and find as many videos that can help you. Watch swing video analysis (from people who know the ball flight laws) and watch great swings. Learn as much as possible about the game... after 4 months of not playing, you'll have the chance to fix bad swing habits simply by not getting back into them. Should be enough time to start fresh with better knowledge of the swing and short game techniques. 

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I had L4/5 and L5/S1 discectomies in 1991, with further surgery in 1994 and 1995. I was able to play golf again within a month of the operations.

Rehabilitation exercises need to be adhered to, but you'll find that once the surgery is complete, there is very little reason not to return to golf, unless of course you have also had a spinal fusion, when it will take at least three months ro recover.

Long term, there is the danger of spinal stenosis, which unfortunately I now suffer  from, with numb feet !!!  But I'm damned if I'll give up golf----I've bought a buggy and I'm still rolling along.....


Keep at it, and good luck.

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