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My Swing (GolfSwine)

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I have been plagued throughout my short career with a nagging over the top move, for a period of time over the last year I had it licked (for the most part) however this particular day it reared its ugly head worse than usual. I am satisfied with my ball striking and distance is not an issue as I work very hard on these two aspects of my game. Any advice to help me achieve a consistent / reliable ball flight would be greatly appreciated. 

I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years

My current handicap index: 4.3

My typical ball flight is: straight/ baby fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Right going right




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Nice!  Glad to see you joined the site!  




As we discussed, I think one thing you could tweak which is fairly easy is how your arms hang from your trunk at address.  You are reaching for the ball - and should get the hands closer to your thighs.




A checkpoint that Mvmac (professional instructor on this site - and whom I work with) taught me this little trick as a way to easily check where the handle is in relationship to your body.  Form a fist with your right hand - and stick your thumb out.  Now the butt end of the grip should just touch your tumb while the club is soled at address with your left hand.  


You do this checkpoint, and you will fix the address issue.




By making this change, your arms will hang from their sockets more vertically at address - which is more anatomically correct.  Currently, you are reaching out to the ball.  As the hands get closer - you'll feel more crowded and over the ball.  You'll get comfortable with the changes after some time hitting balls.  


You'll also need to tilt your head down more - and get the ball into your foveal (central) vision.  By getting the ball into your foveal vision, you will be able to make a more balanced golf swing.

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Thanks for your thoughts I will definitely try this on the range
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I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed today (fun!)... But lets try and get out to the range again soon.  I'll bring my better camera and we'll work on some things.

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