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Newish Golfer

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Hey guys, brand new to the sand trap and was looking for some basic advice.

To fill you all in I've dabbled in playing golf for about two years now but never took it very seriously. Until this Christmas I had been playing with a borrowed set of tommy armour irons. I had always wanted to take the game more seriously so I treated myself to a set of taylormade burner plus for Christmas. As a I am a college student I don't have much money to be spending on expensive lesson series and I feel as though I hit all of my irons pretty well especially with the new set. My biggest issue is not being able to swing my driver. I am at a loss for why I either skull it or slice it and I can never seem to achieve a full swing. So my question is would a lesson on driver swing be the best way to alleviate this issue?
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I wouldn't spend money on just a driver lesson (probably wouldn't be someone to teach you that anyway, they'd usually want to do a swing lesson, not specifically geared to a club). If golf is becoming important to you I would post your swing on the member swings portion of this site first, and see if people will help out. If you want someone to keep helping you out, I would use evolvr. I haven't yet, because I didn't know much about this site or evolvr till this winter, but i certainly will try it out. 



Unless it's purely psychological, if you are hitting your driving really poorly it's a swing problem, not a driver-exclusive problem... even if you are hitting the irons pretty well

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