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Hi all,


I am looking for game improvement irons. I have had the A3OS and the Redlines from Adams.  What newer tech is available for me?


I have a herniated disk and my swing speed is about 90mph.


I loved the feel of the G15's from Ping with the graphite shaft and reg flex - black dot



thank you in advance.

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Ok. So I went and hit a bunch...


Adams A12OS - graphite - Rflex

Adams CB3 - KBS steel tour90 - Rflex

Adams Idea V4 - graphite - Rflex

Ping K15 - Graphite - Rflex

Titleist AP1712 - Graphite - Rflex

Callaway XHot - Graphite - Rflex


I want to try the Callaway razr x hybrids


But I really liked the CB3's with steel, the Titleist  AP1 712, and the Ping K15's. Ping was the easiest to swing. Titleist felt heavy but swung true. The CB3 was nice and I know that if I get loose I will have it go everywhere. It seems that I could learn to shape the shots with this one.



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I play e 712 AP1's so I'm a bit biased toward them. It came down to the AP1's or G15's at the time. The Titleists just looked better at address. Ping has cleaned the G's up, the new G25's look a lot better and have been getting great reviews. Maybe give those a look along with the others on your list.
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