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Why do I keep topping my hybrids? - Page 2

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I tend to have pretty good success playing the hybrid about where you would play the corresponding iron.


I only have 3 and 4 hybrids, and I play them a little farther forward than I would say a 5 iron. And to second what someone else said, you may be overswinging a bit. I can smack those hybrids sometimes but if I get carried away, I have experienced the topped shot.


Also back to basics, a topped shot is often caused by a moving or bobbing head--which can also result from overswinging.

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Thanks again to all. The weather has been terrible and I haven't played in a few weeks, but I'll consider all the above next time out.

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You are getting some excellent advice.  Yes, hit down slightly on contact and have the ball a bit further back than if you were sweeping it with a fairway wood.


I almost retired my 3h in frustration until I read this advice on TST some time ago. Now I look forward to pulling out the 3 or 4 hybrid.  I don't always launch it properly but the ball always advances well enough.

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Hybrids are sometimes a bit head heavy.  Take some practice swings and see where you brush the ground.  If that is further back than with your other clubs then you are probably compensating for that by pulling off the ball to try and get it to the ball first and topping the ball as a result.  You may even have more of a tendency to top it off the tee than off the ground.  Options include more of an on plane swing, a heavier shaft to balance the club properly, playing the ball further back or going to a 5 wood which won't likely be head heavy.

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this has already been said, but when you're topping the ball you're trying to swing too hard.  If you want to swing hard and make consistent contact, I recommend this: Go to range.  Somebody already recommended that too.  Follow some tips, hit a few hundred balls.  Groove your swing until you make solid contact off the turf everytime, over and over.  Take the topping stuff out of the equation.  Make sure you're more or less hitting the ball flush, consistently getting decent distance.  Work on your grip.  Think about your swing plane.  Put in the time.  Hit every range ball at a target, and don't be satisfied until you're doing something.  When you are satisfied you're doing something with some level of control, get a lesson. 

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try keeping your shoulders more level at address, turn and watch the ball

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Loosen grip, don't try an lift the ball, swing at 3/4 speed, over club, relax, concentrate making solid contact with the ball and keep your head steady and down, you'll have plenty of time to look up and see your ball bounce and online with your target.
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Per Paula Creamer hit down on the ball with a hybrid much like an iron.
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