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Rifle 5.5 replacement

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So the shaft in my 8 iron (Taylor made r7 tp) snapped last week and i'm being told by all the local pro shops that the rifle 5.5s are no longer available.

What would be the closest match in terms of weight and flex? I'm thinking project x 5.0 or s300s?

Thanks in advance.
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I got my irons reshafted last year with rifle 5.5 shafts, and that was in June. I would advise contacting a private club fitter and builder. My guy really only uses the rifle shafts. If it helps his name is Brian Gott and his website is Gott Golf.
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This chart will show you the relative flex/weight of TT, PX, and KBS shafts.




Also, this shaft guide from Titleist has a nice comparison chart on launch angle for various popular iron shafts.




You'd be looking at a KBS Tour S or TTDG S300/400 depending on whether you want a low flight or low-mid.  Also, that set of Rifle shafts is frequency matched, so replacing with the same model shaft isn't exactly going to give you a match.

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Thanks for the responses all very useful, I should probably have said that I'm in the UK. I've been in touch with the UK distributors for Precision Rifle today and they've both confirmed that the Rifles have been discontinued :-( Which leaves me with a bit of a dilema.


I was fitted for these clubs and seem to recall that the Rifles were recommended because they were light and offered a high launch angle which suited my slower swing speed. Required specs for the R7 TP would be .355 tapered.


I'm therefore reluctant to go for the S300's as the high weight and low launch goes against what I need. I'm therefore thinking the Dynamic Gold SL S300's, KBS Tour R+ or Project X 5.0. All seem to have similar weights and flex (the S300s would be slightly stiffer I believe).


Any thoughts on the above? Any other factors I should be considering?

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Well, I'd pretty much decided on the KBS Tour R+ (FCM 5.6) as the closest match, however the shop have just rung me to say they've 'found' a non-flighted rifle 5.5, which has to be the best compromise.


Getting the club back tomorrow and will be interested to see the results.


No more club throwing for me!

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The Golfworks catalog features a full flex range of PX Rifle (non-flighted) steel shafts. But, it looks like your shop has bailed you out.

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