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In all estimations the 2013 golf season for us in NY is approaching soon. I did play in early January but I am not counting that. Anyway it is mid February and all the snow here on LI is almost melted and hopefully no more coming.
Today I picked up my clubs from Golfsmith. Had them all re gripped and added a different fw from last season. When I was hitting on the launch monitor today I couldn't help but think how I really like all the equipment in my bag going into the season. From my new spikeless Nike golf shoes tools new hat balls and of course clubs. My irons are the only clubs that are the same as past seasons. I did some basic fittings and had my swing speed of 83-90 with woods and driver and am confident in the choice to go with 1/2 inch shorter driver and 3 wood as well as reg flex shafts.
I am also liking the less is more club selection for this season. Driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid. 6-pw and sw and putter. Simplicity. Anyone else excited about what is in the bag and what will be worn or used this season?