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What notes/reminders do you keep about your golf swing? - Page 2

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For me, just tempo when taking the club back, when I get quick is when I get in trouble, aside from that not much. 

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Originally Posted by dsc123 View Post

Mine changes all the time depending on what I've been working on.  I try to keep it to one or two things.  If I'm playing in any sort of competitive environment I often just think "nice and easy" to myself so I don't overswing.

hmmm, this is the one swing thought that ISN'T in my iPhone notes but would probably be the most useful to me at the moment.


I'll put it there now, right at the top.  Thanks .....

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I know you hear it all the time but I think you should just have one swing thought (whatever it may be) when you on the course playing. As a matter fact, I actually try not to think too much at all about the swing. I try to look around or talk about thing that are not related to golf. I think I play better that way. There is plenty to think about that is not swing relateda2_wink.gif.

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I have a couple of notebooks which summarize lessons I have taken, or valuable tips from one-on-one conversations with pros and clubfitters at golf expos.


I moved frequently in the 1980s and 1990s, so a new town meant a new pro. Since coming to St. Louis area in 2002, I have worked with four pros (one quit giving lessons, a second moved away). After a couple of lessons, I like to compare the new lessons with ones from the past, looking for trends. Recurring problems:

  • Overswinging, leading to over-the-top moves.
  • Too much arms at times, not enough full body


More recently, I've had trouble staying down in my stance during follow-through (I'm making progress on lower back flexibility)


Between lessons, I sometimes "go through the cards" and redo past lessons at the range.


Once on the course, I do best if I mainly focus on proper alignment, and making sure I "float the clubhead" at address. If I start pulling the ball or slicing it, I'll review my stance. It's tough to do at times, but I swing best on-course when I just line it up and "let it happen."


(Two years ago, I had a 19 HDCP, but I've had bad trouble with my long clubs recently. That's irritating, because I'm finally hitting my irons pretty good).

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i use google docs to keep notes on good days, updating as i go. here's my current go-to:


lots of stretching
grab club vertical position and warm up wrist cock
practice a quick swing
slow it back down
eat-before starting
drink-well hydrated before starting

left shoulder tucks under chin on backswing
do NOT sway
push off a bit with right foot
long arms/follow through all the way through, up and right a bit (NO CHICKEN WING)
keep head down after contact

finish putting, don’t ‘take it in turns’
backswing immediately away from target
keep head down after contact

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I think several people don't get what I'm asking... I'm not asking for swing thoughts that you use on the course. You can't have 5 swing thoughts and expect to play well. But it's helpful to have notes to look through; maybe because you have a mistake in your swing and you read it to remind yourself how that's fixed so you can practice at the range. Or notes from lessons you learned, or whatever you go back to when your swing isn't working, because swinging at the range is a waste of time if it's not focused practice, with a goal. 

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Originally Posted by onephenom View Post

I have a list of things to work on or keep in mind when I play. Usually just about the swing, but can be other stuff too. I try to keep track of what mistakes cause what misses so I can work on those later.

That's all for me. What about you? 

I agree that the time to use your notes is on the driving rang.


The only lessons I ever took was at a Golf Digest School back in 1975. I began the habit of taking notes at that time, so I could get my money's worth. I have the file on my computer and it is divided into driving, fairway woods/long irons, mid irons, short game, and putting.  The main crux of my notes for each section are the pre-shot routine and swing thoughts.


I go to my notes when:

1) I am in a slump and need to review the basics

2) I find something new that works for me, and then I revise the notes (ex: I just went back to right hand low putting after almost 15 years of left hand low)

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