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I used to have 4 wedges a 46(i20 set) and vokey (50, 54, 58).  I would use the 50 and 54 for gap control, the 50 for chipping, and the 58 for pitches and sand shots.  Got my bounce all wrong on them and they were not right for me.  Not much for fitting option here in Sconie land.  My gap shots were inconsistent because I had too little bounce, and my sand shots were a bit heavy at times for the same reason. 


So I change the way I went about it.  I got rid of my vokey's, not because I think vokeys are bad, I love them.  I just wanted to simplify around the greens and control my gap shots better.  I picked up a i20 gap to match my set for gap/partial shots only, and an TM ATV 56 degree for everything around the green.  I liked it because at 56 degrees I could play just about any lofted shout I wanted to with that weird sole design.  What remains to be seen is if I can chip as well with it.  A bit different going from 50 to 56 for chip shots. 


To your original question.  I am the weird lower HC'er that uses a matching gap to his set, and I actually like that better for full and 3/4 shots.   Especially in the often soft conditions we have here. 

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I have a 47* PW, 52* GW, 56* SW and a 60* LW

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47* PW and 56* SW.


Had 60* LW but tossed it in lake!! (JK)...

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Originally Posted by Shindig View Post

... Do they (wedges) tip the same way? I'm curious because I'm getting more and more into club building (and the Maltby forum seems to have died down quite a bit) and was wondering this the other day: if I wanted to hard step my irons, what would I do for my gap wedge (whether or not it's from the iron set)?


I would talk to a veteran clubfitter on this. Nicklaus reportedly had his PW and SW tipped for 8 iron and then butt cut to length, softening the feel. He got an early "spinner flex" affect by soft-stepping his wedges.


If you hardstepped your numbered irons and your wedges, you would put a shaft tipped for 4i into your 3i, and for SW into your GW. If you're working to hardstep original shafts from the iron set, you would have to lengthen each shaft 1/2" to keep original shaft lengths. You might have to buy an additional matching shaft or two for your wedges.


Again, plan what you want to do, and share the plan with an experienced clubfitter to make sure you have the right procedures in place.


As for the Maltby forum site, it seems Ralph is referring more of the questions to his experienced employees rather than handling them all himself. Maltby's hobbies include auto racing, flying, and scuba diving, so he's a pretty busy guy.

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Sorry for the in depth, and most people won't read this but for my irons I have Nike VRS 4-9. Medium white grips and 2 degree upright.


Here are my wedges. This email is from my coach. I haven't got them yet.
Ordered the new SM4 Titleist Vokey Wedges in the Black Nickel with dynamic gold S400 shafts. This is a slightly heavier shaft than your dynamic gold S300. As strong as you are heavier is certainly better in your wedges.  White Golf Pride Tour Wrap Midsized. Here is your wedge make up:
47 degree pitching wedge with 10 degree bounce. half inch long, 2 degrees upright (it will say 48 degrees I had them bend it to 47).
54 degree gap/sand wedge with 14 degree bounce.  half inch long, 2 degrees upright (this 54 degree gives us more bounce than if we orderd the 52 in 12 degree bounce) If you feel that there is not enough gap distance gap between 54 and 58 degree we can bend the lofts.
58 degree lob wedge with 9 degree bounce, half in long, standard lie angle.
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My signature says it all...

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My PW is 45 degrees, SW 55 and I have 59 degree and 64 degree wedges too. But I'm thinking of ditching the 64 for a filler between P and S.

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46* PW
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Originally Posted by PGA09 View Post

46* PW

This what I use as well.
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Just recently filled a gap in my range with a Callaway forged 52* so I play my VR TW blade PW at 46* the 52* Callaway and Taylormade RAC Black TP 56* and 60*.

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How to determine loft degrees for your wedges? When should you play with 54-60 instead of 52-56-60 or 52-58 for instance?

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I judge mine on how often I am what distance out from the pin for approach shots. I then explore what each club can do in other scenarios to decide on lofts for my bag. At present I'm mainly focussed on having consistent distance gaps between each club.

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I decided that I wanted to only carry three wedges instead of four.  The pitching wedge in my set was 46*.  I wanted to space the other two out evenly and decided that 6* differences would work for me better than four.  

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I have Callaway RAZR-X Irons which included a 44* PW and 49* AW.  I need to pick up a 54* SW and a 60* LW

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