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910 D2 or RBZ or G20 ...best driver???

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I have got the titleist 910 D2 9.5 stiff flex and the G20 tour reg flex, G20 is moreforgiving but goes no distance, Love the sound and feel of the 910 but on the shots slightly off centre i get severly punished in distance! Thinkin of going for a Taylormade RBZ as iv heard they are long and quite forgiving..!! What  do you all think?!?

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I have played the 12* 910D2 and like it a lot, it was on my look at again list, but I noticed no significant distance difference between it and my G-20.  Maybe shaft differences?


I hit the standard 10.5* RBZ and the ball launched higher than my 12* G-20, just too high for me.  The Tour TP model with a heavier shaft brought the flight down to what I'd expect from a 10.5* driver.  I was never able to find that perfect shaft/loft combination with the RBZ.  


The only way to really know is to hit them side by side and see what the results are.

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I played the 910 most of the season 2 years ago and then made change to the ZL Encore and couldn't be happier, I demoed the RBZ and the feeling I got was kind of a dead plastic feel. The only other driver I'd think about kicking my Encore out was the Cleveland Classic with a good shaft.
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I have the 910 D2 and RBZ.  RBZ is marginally longer but more prone to slicing (friends have the same experience).  910 D2 is pretty much as long but far easier to control hence more fairway time.  Not hit the G20 - only the G15 and Anser.  Anser is very low spin and has taken me longer to get used to.  That said, the Anser is now working very well.  The G15 (which is more comparable to the G20 to me), is long but more prone to side spin in the same way as the RBZ (although loft adjustment tempers this a little).  My order of preference is 910/Anser followed by RBZ.  That said, I love the distance on the RBZ.  Hope this helps.

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How about the 913 ? Also I was very unimpressed with the RBZ driver, the 3wood though....that's another story !

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Hunt for the driver with the shaft + head/loft combo that works best for you. Find a shop with some fitting carts.

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