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Wilson Staff Duo review

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I've been using the Duo as my winter ball, (4 rounds so far)and since this ball has caught others attention. I wanted to let fellow golfers know what i thought of the ball.


First off, i use the pro v1x during the year, so naturally ill be comparing the Duo to my regular gamer. I  understand that those two balls are really quite different in many ways, but who wouldn't want to be compared to the best. Here we go; first, on the green the ball is very soft, there is no "click" at impact. Not even a hint of it, were as i can feel a slight "click" at impact with the prov1x. I feel the Duo might be the softest ball I've ever rolled. Green side chip shots felt just as good on the club face as the putter did, and the ball had similar tendencies to check and roll a few feet like any high end multi piece urethane model. Partial wedge shots from 60 yards, and full wedge shots from 100yards had the ball behaving just like i had expected, it dropped and stopped within a foot or two of the pitch mark. It also felt really soft with short- mid irons,but the low compression did mask some of the feel, and made feedback less obvious. The long iron's and hybrid launched the ball noticeably higher than the Titleist, but the impact was now really vague, and i had to look at the ball mark on the face, to really know how centered the strike was, were as with the pro v1x i can deterime the quality of the strike instantly because of the higher compression given more feedback.


Here was my problem with the Duo: Tee shots, and I'm not a bomber either, i have 140-145 mph ball speed with my 3 wood (numbers are from my trackman fitting from Dec). That's the club I've been using of the tee on the shortened winter layout im playing, and even thought I'm not using the big dog, the Wilson Duo still felt like a tennis ball at impact. If there wasn't any sound at impact i wouldn't of known i actually hit a ball, it just felt like a practise swing. It was weird, and that really turned me off because not only was the sensation at impact non-existent, that awesome "pured" feeling wasn't there either. I hit the prov1x of the tee to compare, and i was longer with the prov1x, but the Duo looked like it went further because the ball flight was to the moon, and i prefer a penetrating ball flight for the control. The Duo didn't really peak that much higher then the titleist, but it peaked much, much sooner and fell to the ground with less roll. The ProV1x peaked much further down the fairway, and landed with a flatter angle that resulted in more roll.


In conclusion, great ball, really soft, lots of green side control, drops and stops from wedges', but can be a detriment to higher swing speeds of the tee. I'm still Geeked about the Duo, and its been a long time since a ball besides the pro v1/prov1x has gotten me this excited, so until my scores go up from the slight distance/accuracy loss, ill be gaming the Wilson Duo for sometime to come...So, all you lower caps give them a try, and share your thoughts!


Hit'em Long and straight!!

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I tried them during the winter months last year and I lost about 5-10 yards, lost spin around the greens and generally thought they were junk. The only redeeming factor was that they flew straight. I did not make it through the dozen I bought. I give them a two thumbs down.
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Thx for the input!


Interesting. I have never played the Wilson ball during the summer months, but i wouldn't expect it to behave the same way on hard, fast greens like it reacts on the bushy greens, greens that barely get cut or rolled during this time of the season. 


For the price of the Duo, you cant go wrong. Against a high end ball, i guess it's not much competition, but compared to other "crappy" balls, i believe it should get 2 thumbs up.

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I played Wilson Duo yesterday versus Pro V1x.  I thought I'd try two balls at the opposite ends of the Compressions spectrum to start to try to determine which ball is best for me.


My swing is not consistent enough to truly compare the two, but I need to start somewhere.  I have a driver swing speed of ~115mph.  Most of my long drives yesterday were with the Duo.  312 off the first tee (on in 2, but three putted for bogey), and at least two other 300+ drives.  I think my longest with Pro V1x was 285.  But it could just be that I took better swings with the Wilson balls.  I have flashes of brilliance and just as many of mediocrity.


From 100 yards out I was very consistent.  Soft sand wedge and I was near the flag on 5 or 6 approach shots.  But my 8 and 9 irons blasted the duo.  I have to get used to that.  My 8 iron (usually 160) went about 170 and the 9 iron (usually 145-150) went 160-165.  And I was not taking massive swings.


My short game in general needs DRASTIC improvement.  I have been spending a lot of time at the range working on my swing (usually start with sand wedge and work up to driver), 50 balls during lunch break.


Now I see that I need to spend more time around the chipping/putting green.  I was in position to score well yesterday, but really ate crow when it counted.


Not done experimenting, but I think I will play the Duo for a while to see how I can adjust.  The Pro V1x is too expensive for me to play regularly.  Maybe once my swing becomes consistent enough I can get more reliable feedback.

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I tried it just because I had an expiring $20 DSG rewards cert and couldn't find anything I needed so I decided to use it on $20 balls due to the commercials. Felt like a marshmallow and I definitely noticed some distance loss. They got the soft part correct with their advertising but it is anything but long.

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