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Wedge Set-Up Help

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I played golf as a young kid but I only recently got serious with the game about 2 years ago. At that time I bought the Walter Hagen MS2 Set. I started out averaging a 120 and now I'm averaging a 100 to 102. I am currently 24 years old now. I recently went out and bought a Steel Shaft Callaway Diablo Edge Iron Set 4-PW to help move myself forward in my game.

4 - 22*
5 - 25*
6 - 28*
7 - 32*
8 - 36*
9 - 40*
PW - 44*

So my PW is a 44*, my current GW is a 50* Cleveland CG16, SW is a 56* Walter Hagen MS2.

Now I can open up my SW and play a variation of different shots with it fairly well. Instead of doing the current 44/50/56 wedge set-up I'm thinking of buying a 48* and a 52* wedge so that my set-up is a 44/48/52/56 instead. I also carry a Driver, 3W, 5W Wilson Staff 18* Fybrid Graphite Shaft, Putter, Irons, and a 4 Hybrid but I can easily ditch the 4 Hybrid.

What does everyone think about how I should set-up my wedges? My irons are extremely strong. I personally think I would benefit from the 44/48/52/56 set-up and I'm leaning toward that.
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I  definitely see where you're going there, but I would guess that you might have trouble deciding whether to hit the 48* or the 52*, or even the 44* on any given shot in between 9i and 56* distances.  One of them would eventually become preferable I think, and the others would be effectively phased out, yet remain in the bag to torture you. It's tough to say for sure though, without knowing your distances, or how well you know them, and consistently hit them.

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FWIW, I have a 45*, 52*, 56* setup that seems off gap wise, to most who would read it. But I know when to hit each club more clearly because of the slightly longer gaps between them. There are few distances that get me unsure. Maybe 105-115. I can go easy 52* or stiff 56*.


But inside 105, it's clearly 56*.

115-125, it's 52*

and 125-135 is 45*

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Yeah I thought that may be the case. My MS2 PW was probably a 48* and I hit that 115 yards and I hit my 56* SW 75 yards. My MS2 9i was close to a 44* or 45* and I hit that 125 yards so I assume I'll hit my new Callaway 9i 44* a similar distance and my 50* GW will hit around 105 most likely. I guess it will really come down to hitting all the clubs on the course and seeing if the distance gap is too large. 


The real issue here is that with my strong irons my 9 is really an 8, my PW is a 9, so a 48 would act as my PW, a 52 a GW, and my 56 my SW. That is my major dilemma with only having the 44/50/56 and not the 44/48/52/56 set-up.


With my old irons I didn't have a GW so I had a tough time in the 100 to 90 yard range and it always irked me. A choked up PW felt like the ball flight was too low for me. 

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Originally Posted by sofingaw View Post

. ... It's tough to say for sure though, without knowing your distances, or how well you know them, and consistently hit them.

Right now, you have 44*, 50* and 56*.  What is the difference in length between the shafts?


Also, what model Callaway irons do you have? Possibly Razr X? If so, what shaft do you have?


For numbered irons, the normal shaft length difference is 1/2". Rough planning rule is that 1/2" and 4* loft gap between irons = about 10 yards difference in distance. (This will vary if you have other than average swing speed).


For wedges, most companies go to 1/4" shaft differences between wedges. For the CG16, Cleveland went to 1/8" length differences.


Right now, you have three different wedge models in your bag. And, you may find that your CG16 / 50* wedge is the same shaft length - or maybe 1/4" longer - than your PW. (Should be 1/4" to 1/2" shorter.)


What you need to do is check how far these wedges carry on full, 3/4, half and 1/4 shots. If the distance gaps are fairly even, this will help consistent wedge play.   I'm suspecting the gaps will be uneven because you have three different wedge models in play, with non-coordinated shaft lengths.


A solution: This move might cost you some money, but if you got a matching GW and SW for your irons, it might simplify things for you. This assumes the iron set's matching wedges hit OK for you.

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My iron set is a Callaway Diablo Edge Steel Shaft Set. My PW is part of the Callaway set and the GW is a Clevelamd CG16 and the SW is a Walter Hagen MS2. They are all the same length. I'm going to hit them on a simulator tomorrow.

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