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Why is everyone hatin' on my Puma gear?

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I'm a bit OCD when it comes to matching brands. I've played Cobra clubs for awhile now, and since Puma bought Cobra, I've been wearing Puma stuff too. Everytime I go out to the course I hear Rickie Fowler comments. I refuse to buy orange stuff for that very reason. I can't wait until Rickie Fowler fades off so I can not be so self concious of wearing Puma. Its comfortable and looks good, but I'm sick of the b.s. Does this kinda stuff happen everywhere or just with my group of a-hole friends at my home course?

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I wear sligo clothes with lots of bright colors and I get many of the same comments. It is most jealousy that they don't have the gumption to wear anything but khaki shorts and a white shirt.
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I wear my Loudmouths every week. In the beginning I was called John Daly, now I am horassed if I slip in a round during the week and dont wear them.


The funny part is at board meetings, nobody knows who I am without the LM gear.

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I wear bright Puma gear often. I have some of the bright green (Lime Punch) as well as the bright blue clothing. I have the Lime Punch limited edition Puma Fusion Ice golf shoes as well. Almost every time I show up to a course around here wearing any of it, I either get a comment about Rickie Fowler or Ian Poulter (who wears bright Puma gear as well). It doesn't bother me in the least. I actually like to dress well on the golf course. And it's one place where standing out isn't going to hurt anyone.

I can't wear a neon green suit to work everyday. Might as well brighten it up while on the course.

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I think it is cool to see someone wearing some of the nice Puma stuff. I don't buy it for cost reasons. It looks really nice. But hey this year I will be wearing Nike shoes hat and glove and use clubs and balls. I fully expect comments. Nothing wrong with matching logos in my opinion.
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If you like it, why worry about it? They are just wisecracking at your expense, if they're your buddies, just give back as good as you get. Isn't that what friends are for, having a laugh and keeping everyone honest?

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I was the same way, I played my cobra amp driver with my puma shoes, they would talk before we tee off, then they see you pipe one down the middle on the first tee they normally quite down.
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Go for it the PUMA gear is nice. I don't wear it on the course but I am a frequent shopper at the PUMA store for street clothes. I would buy it but it's not something the pro shops at my fave courses stock. I like to support the courses by spending money and I don't mind sporting the course logos so I buy what they have on the shelves. Mostly Nike, FJ, Under Armour and the old fart brands, Antigua, Sunice and Page and Tuttle. I do play the Cobra AMP fairways and hybrids. I don't care what anyone thinks about that. Haven't found anything better, for me.

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I own some Puma stuff and it is very nice gear but I do understand why some people get ribbed a little bit. A lot of the kids at my CC dress exactly like Fowler with the all one color look down to the spikes but no big deal it's just who these kids look up to as a golfer. There is however one guy in his mid 30s who also dresses just like Fowler and I mean to the point that he wears the all orange every sunday. He gets a lot of looks and there is nothing wrong with dressing however you want but if you are going to wear all orange you're asking for it a little bit. 

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If you are going to dress in bright colored Puma gear and play Cobra clubs those are the kind of comment's you are going to get. Just like the guys in all Nike clothes with Nike clubs will hear some Tiger or Rory comments.

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I dig Puma's gear and like how Ian rocks it more so than Rickie but if I was in my teens and early 20's I would be all over Rickie's look.

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Because "haters gonna hate".

Just ignore and move on.
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Puma has some nice stuff.  I have a black pair of the Puma Cell Fusions, they are very comfortable.  Guys like me are too self conscious to wear the bright colors but it looks great on guys that can pull it off. 


Golf buddies are always going to bust your chops (that's what we do) so might as well look good.  When one of my friends got an RBZ driver the guys started busting him on that.  Just laugh it off, it's part of the game as long, as long as it doesn't go too far.

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Hell, my guys bust my balls if I wear my Tilley hat. Don't pay it any mind, wear what you want.

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Good advice. Don't have to worry about me doing the all orange thing though. Thats for sure

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Man i wear Puma all the time, and since im younger a lot of middle aged people especially like to give me hell and say "hey look this kid wants to be rickie fowler" which usually leads me to pick on them for wearing short shorts and golf shirts that come down to their elbow.  Nothin but good trash-talking I honestly enjoy it.  If they talk smack just give it right back to them.

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Puma just makes Fugly stuff IMO. It doesn't help with Ricky "one color at a time" fowler. Shame of it is they actually had some decent looking gear in the late 80's (IMO) and started to get some traction. Since then it has been pretty much downhill. YMMV.

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In this day and age no one cares what you wear, your buddy's are there to give you a hard time, that what they do. A head to toe orange Popsicle may be a bit to much.

At 50 if I wore that stuff my kids would call me a creeper!


I just hate it when you see guys sporting the Daisy Duke shorts!

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