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Poll Results: $15 - $20 polos

  • 12% (5)
    I don't mind that Golf companies are marking up their polos $70
  • 87% (35)
    I want $15 polos
40 Total Votes  
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I just scored a Greg Norman Play Dry for 15 at Costco. 

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I agree with most here $70 dollars a polo is pretty steep, But just what til they go on sale for 30. a1_smile.gif

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I pretty much only buy golf polos when I visit a course.  It's as much a souvenir as an article of clothing; of course, the at-course shirts are much more expensive that you might pay for the same shirt from TGW at the end of the season.  But I only buy 2-4 shirts per year, and keep them for 3-5 years, so it's not exactly like I'm blowing my kid's college fund.  


With the modern tech materials shirts last much, much longer than when I was just wearing plain old cotton polos.

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Nike Outlets or Costco are the way to go. I dont spend more than $30 on Polos.

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This subject is where I don't mind my wife searching for the discount racks at department stores.  Not sure how she does it, but I haven't paid over 15 bucks for golf shorts or shirts.  

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It isn't just golfers paying $80 for that polo shirt... It's the Texas A&M supporter buying the SAME shirt with their logo on it. It's the Hockey Fan buying the exact same shirt with a Bruins logo, etc, etc... Golf shirts don't exist in a vacuum, they couldn't survive if they ONLY marketed them as golf branded. or golf logo'ed. You could buy the exact same shirt on NBA.com, MLB.com, NFL.com, and so on. any logo you want. It's a whole LOT of people paying $80 for that shirt, just in a different disguise. So that run 10,000 is probably 100,000 making each piece probably closer to $3 per.
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Look for the Walter Hagen brand. On sale, you can get some of the new cool-mesh shirts two for $50.


Also, I wear normal St. John's Bay polos to work or casual for a few months, and then put them into golf attire. Same for trousers and shorts.


(That's unless I play at some upscale club where they will bar you from the course if you have a frayed shirt collar, or wear cargo shorts.)

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All golf stuff is expensive. I usually get golf clothes for Christmas, birthdays, things like that, or i would be wearing jeans and a tee golfing!! LOL



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I've picked up my golf shirts at Kohls (gotta love sales plus those 30% off coupons), discount stores like TJ Maxx, and online sales.


I also lucked out at the end of 2012 and picked up 4 shirts for $5 each at the Ahead company store during one of their end-of-the-season clearance sales. That's probably my best golf gear score to date.

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Costco has really good deals on golf shirts if you get lucky.  Last year when I was at the Golfsmith near my brother's, I hit the jackpot.  They were selling Adidas, Nike and Snake Eyes polos for 30 dollars a piece.  You can also get lucky at TGW.com sometimes.

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I never pay over $25 for a polo and buy almost all of them at, Golfsmith, Edwin Watts, Golf Galaxy or TGW.  I wait for them to go on sale, plus, I can get a better deal in the store than I can get online.  I've got a closet full of Ashworth, Adidas and Under Armour shirts and not one of them was over $25 with some of them a little as $15.


But in response to the OP, you bet I would like to find stylish polo's for $15.

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Golf clothing is overpriced

It doesn't have to be.


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Ernest some how this is just wrong, I think I threw up in my mouth!z7_no.gif

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Originally Posted by hacker101 View Post

Ernest some how this is just wrong, I think I threw up in my mouth!z7_no.gif

Dude's a legend of the game and dead sexy!

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HA!  Too funny!

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I never gave you guys permission to use my photos.
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Just because he can take off his shirt does not mean he should!

This is like, just because they make a speedo or bikini to fit some people does not mean they should wear them.d2_doh.gif

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I buy Callaway Polos from Golfetail for 29 bucks including shipping. I buy Greg Normal Polos from Macy's for 19 to 29 bucks when on sale. I buy pima cotton  Polos from Bjs for 12.95. They can be Nautica or Izod or GBs or other name brands. 

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