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Chicago Golf Show

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Went to this event the last two days. The first day I went and got a lesson for the first time. I figured someone could help since I couldn't figure out why I was slicing after all of this time. Well the PGA Pro I got, showed me two quick things after he watched me swing without the ball and with the ball.


I'm left-handed and my ball would go left single time I hit it, save for the rare occasion that I hit it straight.


He had me adjust my grip about 10 degrees to the left and not focus on where the ball goes, but to make sure I get up on my tip toe of my back foot. He told me when the grip felt goofy, that's when I was where I needed to be. I took his advice and it was like night and day. I was hitting the ball straight! It was a great feeling. He also told me to hold my pose through the swing and get used to how it feels. I'm just so happy to hit the ball correctly for me. My confidence went up and I finally felt like a golfer.


Now it's time to hit the course because up until then, I avoided it because I didn't want to spray the ball everywhere or hit someone accidentally.



Felt good to get some good instruction and see the results immediately.

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Good work Boogie. Are they giving free lessons there?


Is this the one at the Rosemont?  How's the equipment selection?

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It's IN Rosemont, and yes. It's at the DOnald E. Stephens Center. Right off of River road across the street from Gobson's.


The equipment is all over the place. They have EVERYTHING and I mean everything. All the clubs, balls, hats, shirts, bags, umbrellas etc. that you can handle.


They are giving lessons there and they are FREE! Tomorrow is the last day, so I would get over there if I were you. In the section that they give the lessons, there is a whole row of companies letting people hit their demo clubs.


It's fun and you can get everything you need there. They even have resorts giving away free rounds of golf. There's everything you can imagine there, including hot girls.


It's a very fun event.

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Also, I wasn't swinging hard in the video. It was more about getting the lesson down that he showed me. I find that if I swing to fast, I tend to lose control. But it's much improved over this one from last summer.


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