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On average what clubs do you use /not use for a typical round

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Hello all ,just curious.
Do you find your self not using all your clubs
Im sure it differs from player to player but i have found as of lately seems like i go 3 wood or 5 wood off tee to hybrid 3-6 then if im not on green sand wedge and or pw. Seems like im not using 7-9 very often. Found yesterday i was hitting more greens than i use to or within 10-20 yards
Hybrids are new this year pactice the hell out of then added the 6 to see how effective it was and it really is good for my game i kinda missed hitting som good iron shots yester day
Just curious
Do find your irons sitting in the bag more with the distance you et out of your hybrids
Took me awhile to et used to my 3-5 hybrid now its like shooting an arrow
So feel free to offer your experiances thanks
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Use: Driver, 4-hybrid, 7-iron, 54* and 60*

Do not use: 3-wood, 3-hybrid, 5/6/8/9-iron and GW.

Ive actually thought about taking the GW out completely in favor of a 5-wood but then it would leave me with a 10 degree gap between my PW and 54*, which is just too big of a gap to have.

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If, in a typical round, there were a club I didn't use, I would remove it from my bag, at least for typical rounds. I already know what changes I'd make to my bag if the rule changed to permit 15 or 16 clubs, so I have no need for a club to sit in my bag to look pretty.

In most rounds at my home course, I use each club in my bag at least once.
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I haven't used my 3w or 3i in about 6 rounds of golf. Also, I only use my SW when I'm in a green side bunker.

All the other clubs in my bag get hit every single round.
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Here's what is used most:  Putter, SW, Driver; 5 hybrid, other wedges, everything else once or more during a round.


My home course, (par 71) has 5 par 3 holes.  130ish, 160ish, 185-200 on the front side.  Back side are 160-175 and 150ish.  That's everything from an 8-iron through 3 hybrid for me on any given round on the home course.


Some of the par 4s can produce a second shot of anywhere from a 4-hyrbird to a SW and everything in between.


Good thing I have a whole bag of 'em to choose from!



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I use all my clubs but the one that get the least amount of use is the 5i. I hit my hybrid in its place (most of the time).

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I rarely hit my 8 iron. I have no idea why I just usually am never in range to pull it from my bag. 

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rarely hit my 9i or 4h. Don't know why, maybe it's because I play the same course all the time and the yardages just don't work out for those clubs.

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I don't often have to hit my 3 iron, I took it out of the bag last year, but added it back in this season. At least for now.
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I use all my clubs, but I may only use my 52, 9, 7, and 3 wood once or twice. I really like my 8 iron and will use it a lot around 150 yards. I hit my hybrid so well, the wood is not of great use. I think I should buy a new one and gain some yardage.

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I've actually been watching this for awhile. I can say that I generally use 13 of my clubs in every round (sometimes all 14.)


It seems that every 13 club round, either my 8i, 9i or PW was the club that did not get used. I cant pull one of these out guessing which one I may not need that day.


What gets used the most? Putter, Driver, 9 wood, Niblick  and from there it varies - yesterday was 7 iron because I couldnt hit a fairway so I had to play around trees all day. On my heavy fairway days the 5i or 6i will see a lot more use. There is one course I play where I could pull the driver since I use it once there, but since I do not usually carry a 3 wood i may as well leave it.

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This is a good thread. I only carry 10 clubs in total for this exact reason. When I carried 14 clubs I was noticing that I didn't use my wedges that much outside of my sw. So gap and lob were removed. I also don't hit my 5 iron well or that often so out that came. I did also have a 4 hybrid and 5 wood in rotation but again the 3 hybrid can wipe them both out by chocking down. Can't wait for 2013 season to start.
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I dont use the driver or the woods coz i slice em constantly. Most used is 5i 7i 9i pw and the putter
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First off, I only carry 13.


One of the reasons that I like the course I play is that I use almost every club in the bag each time out.


The clubs I occasionally *don't* use are my 58* (I only use it if I'm in sand, or if I have *very* little green to work with) and my 4hybrid (I really should only carry 12 clubs -- I almost always hit 5w instead of 4h).

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I seldom use my 5 iron or 52 degree wedge.  I can dial back a 5 hybrid or, if I'm swinging well, go harder at a 6 iron when a 5 iron is called for.  I'm just not as comfortable with the 5 iron as I am the two other clubs.  I also hit both my 56 degree and 49.5 degree wedges better than the 52.

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I seldom use my 5 wood or 2 hybrid but when I do need them, I am glad they are in the bag. 

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I've been thinking about this, and decided that my least used clubs are probably my hybrid, 5 iron and 6 iron.  If I'm going for positioning off the tee I'll go with the 3 wood or skip the hybrid and jump down to the 4 iron.  I'm just not yet totally comfortable with the hybrid for some reason.  If I hit decent drives, they are usually far enough that I've got shorter irons into the green, and if they are wayward, then I'm probably punching out under the trees with the aforementioned 4 iron.

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I only carry 10 and generally use them all at least once during an 18 hole round. If I play  only 9 holes at my home course, this may not hold true depending on if I play the front or back.

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