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icy greens

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How did we get out today.minus 2c and a light dusting of of snow on greens.putting was like crazy golf,whach the ball at the hole and pray.It was great to get out:

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Wow! 28* Fahrenheit.  My course would have been in a frost delay for a long time if that was the weather.  We had a few times this Winter that it hit 30* and it was close to a 4 hour delay.

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Yeah, I'm surprised a course let you on the greens in that temperature. I hope they were temporary greens for the winter play?
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Did you use orange or yellow balls?

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Haven't used coloured golf balls since I was a kid - but I still have a shocking, radioactive-orange Wilson Aviator in my bag (circa 1985) as a kind of keepsake. Once in a while I putt it on the practice green... I feel nostalgic now - give me some dayglo golf balls and a frosty course.

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why did they let you out?  i thought playing on frozen greens was damaging to the grass?

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Originally Posted by colin007 View Post

why did they let you out?  i thought playing on frozen greens was damaging to the grass?
It is. Grass is mostly water and when frozen will break and damage it.
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Depends on where you live. In CO the grass is dormant and only the crown of the plant, which is below the surface, retains any water during the winter. Unless we've had a succession of warm days all of that is frozen below the surface. I've been out when it's so cold and frozen you can't get a tee in the ground, we use winter tees on days like that. Here it can be well below freezing without any frost in sight if we haven't had recent moisture and the sun is out. 


Our home course uses a dye on the greens during the winter so you can distinguish them from the rest of the brown grass surrounding it. Even the rough that's usually several inches high has died back to what looks like brown scotch pad. What's above the surface stopped being grass months ago. When you land a ball on the green a big puff of dust and dead grass is seen. Same with the fairways. Last time I played I had dead blades of brown grass clinging to my pants up to the knee. A bigger problem than frost damage is the a-holes that toss cigarettes on the grass and start small fires. I saw several greens and tee boxes with burnt circles, a butt right in the middle of each one.

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used a yellow titleist until it found a watery grave on the seventeent'.Two more left,i hope i dont use again this year.Whis i was florida with some heat on my back.

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