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Why is the 64* wedge so hated???

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weigh in on the 64* wedge because this club draws much hate, a lot of times it seems by people who have never used or have never even hit a 64* wedge!

I'm curious as to what everyone thinks!

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Just to give my "2 Cents" I had a 64 vokey in my bag for about 6 months. the club itself was hard to hit on approach shots, and it has hard to control. On the other hand around the green it was very useful for chipping out of the rough or greenside bunkers. But mostly I took it out because I got a 60 that was easier to hit and I really did not notice anything different when chipping. Also, since I rarely used it, it took up space in my bag that I could have used for another club. 

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I think it is because it is such a specialized club, it is very limited in what it can and shouldn't be used for.

Personally, I don't find that there are enough shots that I can hit with a 64 that I can't hit with my 58 that justify it taking a spot in the bag.
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Not only is it a specialty club, we have all seen people with one that had no business having one (kind of like the newbie that insists he needs a 7.5 degree driver when he slices a 12 degree like no tomorrow)

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Anyone try hitting one square from a greenside bunker? By that, I mean, not opening up one's stance or laying the blade wide open?  

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I love my 64, but it may get sidelined this year in favor of a 3 wood. The huge benefit is the ability to hit consistent towering shots from light to mid rough, without having to open up wide and hero shot it. That said... It's used a few shots a round if at all... so only if there's room in the bag!
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Several years ago, I owned a 64 and did not use it often.


I now own a Vokey SM4 62-07 degree - I find it more useful than a 64, but still, I don't use it often. Used it from the bunker today, it did well.

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Personally, I can open up my 58* wedge and hit it pretty much straight up in the air.  Why WOULD I need a 64* wedge?  I didn't even like the 60* wedge I owned because it required nearly perfect contact to perform.


I don't 'hate on' anything golf-related.  I just don't see much use for a 64* wedge.  Ever.



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Not hated, but I don't carry one for the same reason that I no longer carry a 2-iron. It's a highly specialized club and relatively difficult to hit with a high degree of consistency. It would be silly for me to toss one of my more versatile clubs when I have other options in my bag that can accomplish pretty much the same thing, and more.

Interestingly, when you talk to the relatively few people that carry one, they'll tell you how helpful it is in a handful of extremely difficult conditions. Short-sided behind a bunker as an example. Most of them would probably be better served spending more time learning how manage their game so as to avoid those conditions in the first place! a2_wink.gif
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dont have 64 but dont hate it.


I like my 60°. Hit it a bit less than 80 yards, yet use it for shorter shots mostly. I use it for short game shots, less than my 56° but still more than my 52° or PW.


I've never tried 64° but dont think I have the use of droping a club for a very lofted wedge.

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I don't understand the "hate" word applied to the super LW. It's more players cautioning others that the 64* is difficult to use, and that you can get similar shots out of lesser lofts.

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I think the reason some golfers "hate" them is because they try to use them as newbs to the game or they just don't have the skill to hit them correctly so the bad connotation just kind of follows. I had the same thing with a 60 when I first started but now I love it 

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I heard all the same cautions about the 60* wedge but I bought one and have never had an issue with hitting it.

What's the typical bounce on a 64? My Mizuno 60 has 8 degrees of bounce and I know they also make a 60-04 which I think would be much less consistent.
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I could never justify taking a slot in my bag for a club that is so limited in its use. My 58 does everything I need it to. If we were allowed to carry 15 clubs I would carry one.
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Bought a 64 years ago and it saw one round of action. Now it is sitting in the closet collecting dust.
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I don't think people hate the 64. I have a 64 but I rarely put it in the bag.  I never use it for full shots, I use it only those flop shots over a bunker to a tight pin or very short chip shots.

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