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Hello everyone, I live in central Texas, am 43 yrs. old, returning to the game after a 8 year lay off. I play at least once a week. I have upgraded my equipment to what I think is good. I play the Ping g-20 irons, a Taylormade super fast driver, an older taylormade 3 wood and Cleveland sand wedge(oldies but goodies), and Rossie 2 putter. I would like to play as goos as I did 8 years ago, I have been back for about 6 months, but my progress is limited. I am open to any suggestions for improvement. My troubles are really off the box, no consistent shot shape. Most courses I play the driver is out most of the time. I know I probably won`t crush the ball like I used too, I just need some tips to be in play. Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom.

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There's no telling what the issues are but my rule of thumb is usually to start by 3/4 swings instead of full swings when I'm having a bad day of the tee. That usually restricts my wrist, arms, and body motion to an extent just to keep my ball in the fairway until I can actually break my swing down to tweak stuff. Hope it helps! 

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Hi. I read your thread start and would just mention that even after an 8 year layoff, you will get your game back. And, you’re using good equipment.


As @JediFish mentions, reduce your swing to correct inconsistent flight paths. When having a problem shaping my shots (for example, an unwanted fade), I limit my body rotation on the backswing and use mostly just arms. Doing that allows you to control the swing plane, swing path, and hand rotation.


Try doing this the next time you play. On the range before your round -- try swinging with mostly your arms, limiting body rotation on the backswing, but allow rotation as you bring your arms around (i.e., your arms should pull your body through so that you finish the swing). You should be able to deliberately hook the ball if you rotate your right hand over your left as you come through. Be sure that you finish normally (i.e., finish by rotating). Once you can hook the ball consistently, add some rotation to the backswing. Do this incrementally. Your hooks should become draws. You should also experiment with your hand rotation to get a feel for shaping (draw-to-fade).


Hope this is helpful.  --Spike

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I used ZachAllenGolf.com to evaluate my swing - he'll get you on the right foot as far as your swing is concerned.

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I took a couple of lessons after a 12 year layoff.....it helped a little

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Thank you everyone for the insight. I will try out the suggestions as well as get a playing lesson. I live in central Texas if anyone wants to join me for a round.

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