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Originally Posted by inthehole View Post
standard grips feel like a fishing rod without a handle to me.........    Different strokes as they say ...


This - I have normal hands and long fingers and 'standard' feels like you can't even hold onto it.  Recommended sizing has me just under mid-size.  Also crap.  Jumbos feel perfect.

But I can't find multi-compounds in Jumbo.  So Midsize +4 wraps, or Standard +7/8 wraps (+7/8 wraps looks funny down at the tip of the grip)


the grip sizing is a 'recommendation' but my local fitters note that it's pretty much whatever works for each individual.


the OP might have to try out a few combinations - it's worth it to just resize a club or two and see how it feels and make adjustments on those couple clubs to get it finally right before committing to a full $et


(especially if using tape and solvent method and cutting off the old grips instead of salvaging the old grips - if one does their own, it also becomes a lot easier and cheaper to experiment)

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If you need a grip larger than standard but smaller than midsize, then use an extra layer of tape.  If you use more layers of tape, it will stretch the grip and make it feel very firm.  So, if you like a grip with some cushioning, I would just go with a larger grip rather than put more than two layers of tape on it.

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Speaking of layers of tape, Bubba Watson is a bit extreme I would imagine. 11 layers of tape under his left hand, 8 under his right, is what I remember hearing on TV, but that seems wrong to me. He's left handed, so wouldn't that be reversed? Well, regardless, the ways of the Bubba are a mystery to us mere mortals.

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Size of a golf grip is a personal thing. Took me a while to get it right. Since I regrip my own clubs I was able to tweak it the way I want. For me, I like a slightly larger grip. It takes some movement out of the hands for me, and feels better in my left hand. I have a problem holding onto the club correctly with a smaller grip. 

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