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When to upgrade your ball

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Was wondering when do tou know tovupgrade your ball and how do you tell the differance in playability
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I switched to the Top Flite Gamer V2 after reading almost all positive reviews.  I wanted a new ball with good spin that wasn't outrageously expensive and the Gamer more than fit the bill.  It's the best ball for the money as far as I'm concerned, with distance near to that of a Pro V1 off of the Driver and a spin rate with the wedge better than any other affordable ball on the market.  The only problem is that Dick's Sporting Goods bought Top Flite from Callaway and no one seems to know the future of the ball.  I bought six 15 packs for $81 shipped last year but they're getting increasingly hard to find.  I saw them at my local WalMart last week while buying tees.  They were discounted from $20/dozen to $15/dozen.

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Main difference is how the ball hold the greens.
I agree on the Gamer ball, best ball for the price bar none.


if your swing speed is up to snuff you can go to a more expensive ball.

I played tested a few and more expensive is softer and hold greens better however for practice it wont matter.

Main reason for most to have a better ball is placebo. it feels better ;)

A good 3 part ball will cover most needs.

Its what I play with mainly.

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Hey Nuclear Mike,

They have started selling the Gamer V2 as just a "Gamer" in a new box. They're online, DSG and GG have them $20 a doz. They also now make them in Yellow. And they have a new version called a Gamer Tour, which is the same but with urethane cover, and more $$. Some people buying the tour have commented on scuffing easily, which is what happens with a urethane cover (many people shag bag a Pro V after one round), so just expecting too much for $30 a doz.


Just be thankful that you live in the US and have access to Dicks, I'm in Oceania, and there are no official distributors down here for Maxfli or Top Flite now that Dicks own them, and shipping from the US to here is too expensive (Dicks don't ship overseas anyway), might as well buy Prov's locally.


And to the OP, give them a try, alround good reviews from what I have seen.

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Thanks for the update.  We don't have any Dick's stores in my area but do have Golf Galaxy.  I'm glad to hear that they continued the ball.

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Depending on who answers this question, you will get a bit different of an answer from many people since everyone is different.  What are you playing now?  How long have you been playing it?  What do you like about it?  What don't you like about it?  What are your strengths in your game?  What are your weaknesses? 


All of those questions including others probably you will have to answer and then figure out what to try based on the qualities of the ball.  Also since it's winter time and depending on where you live, you may want to hold off for now since the conditions are usually rougher in the winter. 


Several months ago I was trying to figure out what I should play consistently.  Through trial and error along with a bunch of research, I've been playing the Bridgestone E6 consistently for the last few months.  Before that I was playing the QStar, which was nice but was not as durable and I preferred the ball flight of the E6 better.

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i use the gamer V2.  i had used several other balls (from cheapo walmart wilsons to proV1s that i found along the way).  i'm a high handicapper, so my swing/performance is very inconsistent.  i assumed that the only way i could guage my consistency was if i settled on one ball. 


i didn't want to buy the cheapest ball out, but i knew better than going out and stocking up on proV1s when i know that i'm going to lose 3-5 balls each round.  from my research, the gamer V2 was the best "bang for your buck" ball available.  i actually enjoy the performance i'm seeing out of the gamer V2 so i don't plan on switching anytime soon.  but when i can start to "demand performance" from my balls, then i will look to upgrade.  right now, i have ZERO control over whether or not my ball checks up on a green or scoots across the green with tons of top spin


one time i found like 4 proV1s on a single hole.  i lost em all within the next 2 holes.  then i found a nike range ball.  i played the best back 9 of my short career with that ball.  i couldn't lose it if i wanted to!  LOL

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I used to love playing Nike Super Far balls until I started losing them. It got expensive so I switched to the Top Flite Gamers. They performed pretty well and they didn't cost a lot. When I was at Target, they ran out of Gamers so I ended up buying a box of Nitro balls for $5.99 a dozen. I like the Nitros better. They roll better than the Gamers and they are long off the tee too.

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