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Nickent 7DX 3W

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I was at Dick's today and I saw a 3W Nickent 7DX and I think I liked it. The club had a nice shaft and a shallow face which would in my eyes, promote a higher shot and easier off the rug. Any opinions on this club. I'm looking for a new 3W.

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I play a Nickent 4DX 4h & 3w ... just set up to my eye & never let me down.      If the newer Nickent's are as good, you'll like it...

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i am currently gaming a Nickent 7DX 3wood.  i have always been brutal with my woods and hybrids.  i have actually struck the ball well since acquiring the 7DX.  for the price, i think it's pretty hard to beat

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There new F26 is MUCH better than any of these.  Head to Dick's or GG and check them out.

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Great club. I tested it several times in a golf simulator. I loved it.  In my opinion, it is much easier to hit than more expensive models. I paid $49 for mine.  You can't beat it. I hit the ball solid and straight most of the time. I don't even need a driver in my bag anymore. 

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