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Poll Results: Do you still have some pre 2010 wedges?

  • 45% (9)
    Yes but I didn't make a point of it.
  • 5% (1)
    Yes and I stockpiled enough to last for 10 years.
  • 50% (10)
    No, I replace them regularly, so I have all new wedges.
20 Total Votes  
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I don't think anyone on this forum needs to worry about the differences between the old grooves and the new grooves?  I've played with many of you! c2_beer.gif

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I still have 54 + 58* vokeys with the old grooves.


The 54* has been out of the bag for awhile so it will probably last until 2024. The 58* rotates with my 60* depending on my mood.

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Originally Posted by mp33 man View Post

Originally Posted by Fourputt View Post

That is a bit of a fallacy too.  My first full set were forged Golden Ram blades and I used them for nearly 15 years.  My current set are Titleist AP-2 forged and are almost 4 years old.  I have no intention of getting rid of them in the foreseeable future.  
True. But once again what type of hitter are you? Are u a picker or a digger?


I take a fairly typical divot - shallow with the mid irons, somewhat deeper with short irons and wedges.  


I've never been asked to subcontract for trench excavation. a2_wink.gif

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The year after the Groove Change took effect, I noticed a lot of pre-2010 wedges showing up as used clubs. Thing is, it looked like someone took it behind the golf shop, hit three shots with it to get some grass in the grooves, and slapped a used label on it. Grass in grooves would prevent OEM inspectors from coming in and claiming you were selling the wedges for under MSRP.


So, I got some barely used Callaway and Cleveland wedges for about $50 each.


I play around with different grinds and lofts to see which work best for me.

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I have a couple 60s and a couple 54s square grooves....I had a thought at one point to stockpile a few hundred vokeys, wait a few years and start selling them on e-bay as new square grooves....may have to check what they are going for these days


in any event, the thing I notice most about new wedges is the consistency around the greens....maybe that is obvious to everyone....not sure I have the game to make a difference with short irions from the rough

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Originally Posted by dave67az View Post

I'm trying to figure out why anyone would need to stockpile clubs (unless you play on a lot rougher courses than I do).

Do you guys seriously damage clubs so much that they are unplayable after a few years?  Hell, I'm still playing with my first set of irons (over 30 years old now).  Granted, I'm not a great golfer so maybe I'm playing the game wrong, but how are your clubs getting damaged?
Ha! That was my thought exactly. My last clubs lasted 15 years ... Check that, they're still perfectly fine but weren't fitted, that's all. They're certainly not worn out.
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I've seen PGA tour stats from before and after the change, and it's miniscule.  It's statistically insignificant......

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I've seen PGA tour stats from before and after the change, and it's miniscule.  It's statistically insignificant......

The difference in performance is out of moderate to severe rough. But nothing that pros can't accommodate for. Whether it helps or not... (Not) I prefer the box grooves for the odd shots that do take 2 hops and stop!
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