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Freddie Couples. The smoothest swing ever.

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Arnold Palmer, he made the game of golf what it is today

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I think Tom Watson is the greatest golfer of all time sure he dosen't have as many majors as some but He has played at a higher level for longer than anyone I can think of, the guy is 63 and still making cuts on the regular tour and in his prime he could beat anyone.

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Some of my favorites:


1. Ben Hogan - probably one of the hardest working golfers ever

2. Bobby Jones - unbelievable talent and a gentleman

3. David Toms - Geaux Tigers

4. Tom Watson - great style and a nice guy to boot

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Hard one to answer. I'm a lover of the history of the game. In many ways, even though my sole experience of him is through his instructional videos, Bobby Jones is one of my favourites of all time. In modern day golf, there are so many I love. For instance, in todays game I am a HUGE fan of Phil Mickelson and Jason Day. I love how down to earth both of them are. However, if I've gotta choice my all time favourite pro, its gotta be Tom Watson. I love the way he plays a links course. There is something about his game that is just pure. Plus, the 2009 Open was the event that really got me into golf. I've been addicted ever since. Second favourite would have to be Hale Irwin. 

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He can pull of ANY shot, with ANY club - more votes for Chi-Chi



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Gary Player - very humble beginnings so he has never taken anything in life for granted. Plus I am just fascinated by his life story and he has a fantastic personality. Now he has retired, his charity work is nothing short of admirable. Of the programs I have seen, he seems to be such a genuine person
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I still like Tiger but also Ben Crenshaw.
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Originally Posted by dennyjones View Post

I still like Tiger but also Ben Crenshaw.

I also like Annika
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Me being a relatively new golfer,Graeme McDowell, I just like his personality on and off the course. 

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I still gotta go with Tiger (for a lot of the same reasons others have stated), although, as far as recent players go I find myself becoming a Matt Kuchar fan more and more. I doubt he'll ever rise to one of my all time favorites, but he just seems to have a lot of class and I've never seen him rattled.
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When I first got into the game, Davis Love III was my favorite to watch, as was David Duval, now if I could play with any pro, I'd have to go with Gary Player. As for my fave now, too many, Arnie, Jack, Gary, Lee T. Ben Crenshaw, and Fred Couples just to name a few. For the younger guys/gals..Rory, Dustin J. Henrik S. 

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Tiger. Really the only golfer that got me excited to watch growing up and was/is must see TV. The rest of the players on tour are just guys.

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No doubt about it: Faldo.


He played golf the way Geoff Boycott played cricket.

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I like all the old guys who have such a practical view of the game.  Guys like Jack, Arnold, Lee Travino and Gary Player.


If anyone has seen any of the roundtable discussions on Golf Channel with this 4-some, their insights are both incredible and still very relevant in 2013.



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Fred Couples

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For me, Seve Ballesteros hands down. H e was an original at that time. He played to win, not for money. He lived a philosophy like Ricky Bobby in Taladega Nights, "if ya ain't first, your last." Fearsome golfer that was exciting to watch. Put the European tour on the map with the US tour.


Only issue with Seve was that he was so competitive that he didn't always respond well to media (he wasn't after commercial endorsements) and was a bit unfairly cast in that light.


I remember, a long time ago being at the driving range at Doral at one of the PGA touranments. I was right on the ropes and the pro's were hitting balls no more than 15-20 feet in front of me. Out comes Seve and his spot was right in front of me. There were a couple of kids squatted next to me that were probably 6-7 years old. Seve is making small talk with his caddie and some of the players, he hits 5 or 6 shots turns my way and see's the two kids.He comes over, motions to the kids, lifts the ropes and brings the two out to the range where he let them hit balls and conducted his own little lesson for them. He spent about 15 minutes with them while they were hitting balls on the tournament range. Can you imagine.... these kids were hitting balls on the tournament range prior to starting a PGA tour event with a major's winner.


The crowd, understandably, went crazy with appreciation. Seve enjoyed every bit of his time with the kids. It was a phenomenal moment and made quite the impression contrary to what some of the media portrayed him to be.

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Phil Mickelson. No one thrills me more.

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