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Tour players grip

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Noticed that it seems as i watch the pros on tv seems they all are always griping down or choking up on there irons long shots full shots short shots. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this or if there is a reason
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To get various distances. With only 14 clubs you don't have a club for every distance, but by gripping lower they have different distances. Example: a guy hits 160 yard 8 iron he can choke down and hit a full iron 145
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I know Tiger talks about controlling distance a lot with "traj" (trajectory).  I'm sure everyone does this, but I just recently watched a Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim golf clinic on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxOIO6QTnRw), so it's fresh in my mind. Since the pros are good enough to hit the sweet spot on the club every time, they can get a very precise distance reading for each of the their clubs. So choking up or down and hitting it on a higher or lower trajectory to add or subtract a few yards and they are able get distances spot on.


A little off topic, but the funny thing about the clinic shows why Anthony Kim fell off the face of the planet.  His work ethic and knowledge seems next to zero.

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scary how much kim didnt know. guess thats why one is super successful on the course and one isnt

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