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Since getting into college this year I have hardly had any time/money to play any golf at all.  I think i've played 5 total time since august and none since Novemeber, due to not having much time to get in a full round, and not having the money to pay 10 dollars for a large bucket at the local range (sheesh) so my expectations heading into this round were non-existant pretty much, I went to the range and hit the ball decently after a while, and thought that I'd at least be able to shoot around an 80 and i'd be happy with that.  Then I proceeded to shoot a 68! One shot away from a career low (even though i had back to back bogeys on 15 and 16 c4_mad.gif) I couldn't believe it my timing was as good as its ever been in a round, and if it were not for two three puts and a chunked pitch shot I could have really put together a really good round.  I can't believe I played so well, maybe it was because I played smart and didn't try to do too much but if anyone would have told me I'd go out and shoot a 68 I would have laughed at them.  Anyone else have such a good round after a long layoff? Cause this was honestly the most shocking round of golf I ever played.