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Club fitting

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I am a 14 handicapper using jpx800pros 2 years old. I am 72 years old but in good shape ,a ski instructor 160 lbs 5' 10"  swing speed driver 105 to 110. I am thinking of going to MP-H4s. With shafts NS pro 950. Reg 94.5g  Projection X oPXI iron 5.0  108g.  my reason is a high ball flight, and light shaft for swing speed. Am i on right track hear ???? The last 5 rounds have been 82 to 78 .  Thanks phil

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That is a great Driver swing speed for 72 and still playing well, good job.

This may help you out a little. There is a really simple shaft fitting guide chart on  golfclubshaftreview.com  that will really help you figure out what weight shaft will best suit your swing speed and get you on the right track.

Hope this helps

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