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Razr Hawk I-MIX Options

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Hey everyone.  I've been MIA on this forum for quite some time. Anyway, I recently purchased a 9.5 Neutral Razr Hawk Driver, with RIP 60 S shaft from GG. I was kind of back and forth between a 9.5 and 10.5, but they just sold the last 10.5 in stiff.  My SS with driver is about 103/104.  I have a fast transition from the top down (slow take away).  My shot shape is generally very straight, to a power fade.   


With the 9.5 and stiff RIP 60, my drives were launching at about 11-15 degrees according to the crappy GG monitor.  Ball speed at about 148.  The drives felt like they were perhaps a tad low.  They were saying around 242-246 carry, and about 262-265 overall length.  I know the GG launch monitor is not reliable. 


I am having second thoughts, and I think I may go with a preowned I-MIX Razr Hawk head on callawaypreowned.com.  I am generally someone who launches the ball on the mid height trajectory.  


Anyone think that the 10.5 might be the way to go?  As for shafts, I was considering the I-MIX RIP 60 in stiff or else something that launches a tad higher with low spin, whatever that might be?  Fubuki?


All opinions much appreciated.  

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I'm no expert on clubs and equipment, but Iacas posted an interesting thread on the angle of attack when hitting the driver. If I were good for anything, I would find the link to the thread and post it here, but alas, I'm tired and lazy tonight. 


My thought was just that it might be a good read especially since you are inclined to hit a power fade and Iacas was talking about hitting up with the driver. If a slight swing adjustment (very slight) would give you a consistent fade with more carry, you would be golden!


Of course, if any of this or all of this is wrong, I'd just chalk it up to the muscle relaxer and the pain killer that is coursing through my bloodstream after a difficult rehab session on my shoulder.  

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Very nice.  Thank you.  I have always thought I was teeing too far forward, but this shows what the optimal position is.  Very helpful. As far as shafts, I am now considering the following, with the Made For RIP 60 supposedly the lower launching:


Diamana Blue Board 63 - Stiff

Diamana Kai'li 60 - Stiff

Aldila RIP 60 Made For Callaway - Stiff


I could always get the RIP and the BB, as the I-MIX RIPs sell for only 70 or so on callaway preowned. I just kept feeling that the RIP shaft was a little harsh and that shots felt a little low on the launch monitor.  That being said, my spin rate was good with the RIP. low to mid 2000s. If I went BB, I would probably want the 9.5 head, and with the RIP, I'd be tempted for the 10.5 as an extra measure of confidence, but perhaps the upshot swing practicing would help out a lot. Unfortunately, the Kai'li is crazy expensive. 

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I ended up buying an I-mix 10.5 head with the RIP 60 S. I also just got a BB 63 I-mix shaft on eBay. Gonna experiment a little.
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