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The upload on the driver swing didn't work the first time, here it is. 




Sorry, but it looks to me like your swinging a tad to hard, cuz your off balance at the end of your swing. Maybe slow your tempo down a touch..?

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I've been hitting it a lot better lately but I'm still struggling to get my backswing right. If I weren't so far under plane in the backswing, I'd definitely look a lot better. I've been getting much better path by trying to bow my left wrist more and curb my tendency to pull or cut it, but I still have trouble on the long clubs at times when I don't do this right. A stronger grip helps, but I'm still a little inefficient. I also did a bit better with more spine tilt away from the ball through impact after I finished shooting video; the flight was higher and the ball position farther forward, making for a slightly bigger and shallower arc and low point more forward. FO video was certainly needed since I've had trouble with a couple things you can't see dtl. I was very pleased with my iron striking and especially the wedges' trajectory and distance control. I also see less spin out and a better followthrough, so I know my right arm is working better. That shaft is very hard to get to the back of your neck otherwise.


I was surprised how the driver swing looked; it was not only a bit too much pull, it also didn't have a positive AOA like it was supposed to. Still went pretty far, but only because I kept the spin off it for the most part and probably hit it pretty high on the face. It's tough to trust my fade right now with it, but the drawn driver has been pretty effective, beating up a couple tough holes I usually struggled on. Right now my wedges are doing fantastic, solid irons, but I struggle a bit with the driver overall and I have a lot of trouble with the 15˚ hybrid off the deck. I could also use some work on my short game, but I still don't have as much practice time as I'd like because of my job training.


My thing to work on right now is simply getting my A2 to stop looking so stupid, get my hands a bit more in front of/between the shoulders and point the shaft more vertically near the top. Should enable me to be a little more efficient and hopefully hit my long clubs better with less effort.


The guy behind me in the FO view is my brother; he has major issues with key #2 but doesn't seem to want to fix it. He's hitting a wedge I believe, so I cut him some slack because he's just trying to create height on that shot.

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