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Anyone else in the northern climes frustrated with this weather? - Page 7

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Originally Posted by Wisguy View Post

What's worse than no golf all winter is what happens every spring at my house.  The snow finally melted out of my yard a couple of days ago and it was time for the annual early spring yard patrol.  So many days this winter I'd get home after dark and leave for work the next day before it got light out, that it seemed like I was never home during daylight hours and would always be letting my dog out into the yard at night.  It snowed so many times this winter that even on weekends it was difficult to catch up on cleaning up after the dog since the snow just kept covering everything.  Man I hate yard patrol.  Listening to ESPN Radio over headphones helped, but even that reminded me of why I so seldom listen to the Extra Sales Promotional Network these days - seems like you get no more than 3 minutes of sports talk before they slip in another 2-minute round of commercials.


I did hear a pretty funny commercial for one my favorite courses that just opened today:  "Swingers, are you looking for some action?  Twosomes, threesomes, even foursomes.  Come on down - our course is now open."  Judging by the completely dead condition of my yard, it's hard to imagine that that course is in even vaguely playable shape.  I remember years ago playing one of the first courses in the area to open, in mid-March and they definitely opened a few days too soon.  I was putting on one green and watched my really well-struck 20' putt look like it had the perfect line until it suddenly popped about a foot into the air and veered off course - it had hit a semi-frozen footprint sunk about 3/4" into the green.

Which is why I will never have a dog.

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Finally found time on a somewhat warm day to play 9 today.  Was nice to be out on the course, long layoff didn't help my game, but wasn't as bad as I thought.   

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Well here in Southern Illinois we are expecting our first day with low 70s and lows in the 40s this weekend. Hoping to get a 3 round day in this saturday.
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NE Ohio Update:  Played our 1st league night last (Thursday) night.  Definitely the best day we've had for golf.  57 degrees at 5pm and light breezed.  As soon as the big bulb (sun) went down, cold set in quickly.  League consists of mostly older (late 40s, early 50s age) guys.  We don't swing well in the cold weather, but it was a good evening to be out there.


At least the beer stays cold!


My round?  2 pars, 6 bogies and a double.  Missed several greens, hit the par 3s, parred one, 3-jerked the other from 25'.  Greens still pocked with areation marks ... ball doesn't roll straight on softly struck short putts.  Also duffed a couple of chips due to grass not yet growing and definitely not mowed.  Fairways were nice and short.


All in all, nice to be out there and back with a great group of guys to have some fun after work yesterday.



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Woke up this morning and it was snowing. c4_mad.gif It's April FFS!

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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

Woke up this morning and it was snowing. c4_mad.gif It's April FFS!

What do you expect up there near the arctic circle?



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Originally Posted by dak4n6 View Post

What do you expect up there near the arctic circle?



FFS = something that belongs in the definitive #@%&ing, swearing thread.a3_biggrin.gif

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Weather is back to shit In Calgary too. More snow, more low low temps.

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it has finally turned nice in southern Illinois.  still don't have any green fairways, but today was the first day to hit 80.  We have a few days of high in the 50s left this week, but the think spring /summer is finally here for us.

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The weather just went from 0 to 60 in five seconds flat.
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It's going to decel a bit towards the weekend though. I practiced through the winter, high 20s low 30s was my limit with a not so great heater. 40s and 50s? Pfffttt.
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WTF?! Last weekend it was 40* and blowing 25 mph, now it's 90 and stifling. So much for spring..
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Talking about snow/sleet on Friday here....

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Had my first round last night  - front nine was tolerable, back nine wind picked up and temp dropped significantly.


Played well though ( 83 ) and probably wont play for another week ( more snow and cold temps for the next 6 or so says ) so was happy to get out


Teed off at 5:30pm and finished at 8:30pm :D


My last shot on the 18th was a wedge - could hardly see anything but put it to 15 feet and made the putt for par - high light of the round lol

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Definitely sick of it but it is what it is sadly. We are supposed to receive 2-5" of the white stuff Friday into Saturday but then it's quickly warming up and all 50's next week so I think this is the last blow from Winter and I will be on the course in no time.

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Here is the view looking out of my office window right now.  Still coming down.  Last year I played my first round on March 20th.  I won't even make April 20th this year.  c4_mad.gif

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Yep. We're expecting freezing rain, hail and flurries tonight and tomorrow.
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View out of the office window again.  Just got hit last night.  Possibly the most snowfall of the winter.

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