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2013 March Madness Bracket Challenge for TST - Page 3

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Can someone update the TST standings?
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9 David in FL, D 5 - Wisconsin 106 81
98 Kvech, J 1 - Kansas 110 72
122 Drew, g 1 - Louisville 144 71
376 Lehto, M 1 - Gonzaga 127 65
376 Weiss, J 3 - Michigan State 100 65
451 SCFanatic35, S 1 - Louisville 131 64
620 Hounshell, G 2 - Ohio State 111 62
804 Hanson, D 1 - Indiana 129 60
905 Michael Mc Loughlin, m 1 - Gonzaga 150 59
905 Miller, N 1 - Louisville 142 59
1311 Fox, B 2 - Duke 124 55
1955 Lasorsa, C 8 - North Carolina 137 44
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That website is pretty weak, as I cannot figure out how to actually look at anybody's picks ... no matter who I click on it just stays on the standings page.  EDIT:  Nevermind, I'm a dufus ... you just have to scroll down the page!


But I'm guessing that nobody picked Wichita State to advance to the championship game, and probably not Michigan either?  (I have Louisville beating Syracuse in both of my pools which is why I think I have a fighting chance at winning them both) :)


We shall see!!

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The only final four team I had was Michigan, and Michigan State, my championship pick, is out. Meh.
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If my quick monkey math is correct, David in FL, J Kvetch, Jamo and myself are the 4 left with a chance at winning it all.  If Louisville wins Saturday, David and Jamo are out.  I will win with either a Syracuse win Saturday or another Louisville win Monday.  If Louisville loses and Syracuse wins, then I think I'll win that scenario also.


The most exciting, however, is if Louisville loses Saturday and Michigan wins Saturday.  That would leave Jamo and David tied at 81 and it will all depend on the tiebreaker score of Mondays game.


Of course, if that happens, I've got all my money on David, seeing as how they both tried to play the Price Is Right "I'm the last bidder so I'm going with $1" game and bet the under - with David 6 points higher.  Pretty sure that Michigan and Wichita State will manage something more than 53 points each. :)

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I need a lot of help from Michigan and Wichita State.  Not holding my breath.  I think we're looking at a Syracuse and Louisville final.  Either way, I'm toast.

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