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RBZ Stage 2 Drivers anyone?

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It's on my list for the near future- Anyone have any experience with it so far this season? I've had a long history of buying whatever driver I can find out of a discount bin and using it until I don't like it anymore. Until I picked up my R7 several years ago from Rockbottom, and my current Diablo Octane, I never spent more than $50 on one. I would use it for a season and pass it on to my Dad. then pick out another one that grabbed my eye...

Due to some options coming in, I'll have a bit of funding for some new irons, driver and a nice trip to Myrtle Beach in June. I'd like to actually find a 'current' model driver for a change. The R1 seems a bit 'too' gimmicky for my tastes and I like the look of the RBZ's. If it was anything like the R7 when I first got that one, that would be great.
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I bought the RBZ Stage 2 and it's just another white headed driver to me. I am a 5 handicap and my SS is 108-115. My gamer is a 2001 Adams Redline Ti 460. I have yet to find a driver that is longer than this one. I have a new Titleist 910 D2, Callaway Razr Fit Extreme and the RBZ.

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Try the XHot Driver

Crisp, lively feel and a shaft w a nice kick. Gets up and goes
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Just wondering if you picked up that RBZ yet? I stopped off at Golfsmith on the way home from work last night because I've been wondering how much I could benefit from replacing my ancient Cleveland Hi-bore XL. After my experience, I plan to purchase the RBZ stage 2 within the next week or so. First off, I should say that I'm in my 50's and I suspect a drop in swing speed might mean that a new shaft would have as much impact as a new club head. The Hi-bore has a stiff shaft, and according to the swings I took last night, I'm down to a range of 88-93. So my new driver will have a regular shaft. I started out with the Hi-Bore. Warmed up with 8-10 hits, ranging from 209-225. Ughh... Grabbed the RBZ 2 (set in the most neutral position) and the first hit went 260. Hello!!! I consistently hit this club 235-265. So here's my question regarding the swing monitors used by Golfsmith or others. On the course, normally about 1/3 to 1/2 of my drives fade or slice. But in 40-50 shots on the monitor, I did not slice a single shot! According to the sales person (a fairly competant college golfer) I was pulling accross my body and according to the simulator, all shots were going left. I would have suspected in reality that they might have STARTED OUT left, but at least some of them would have sliced back to the right. Are these monitors not able to pick up on that spin? Given that slicing is a pretty common occurance among average and high handicap golfers, this would seem to be an extreme shortcoming of this equipment. Comments?
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