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In the market for a new driver

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Hi I am looking for a new driver to replace by burner superfast 2.0 any recommendations? 

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suggestion: go to a store and hit lots of different drivers, buy the one you like.



In all honesty, every driver from every major club manufacturer is a perfect fit for somebody, and most good golfers can probably play most clubs. 


Without knowing alot more about you as a golfer (swing speed, distance, swing tendency) as well as the reason for you to consider replacing your current driver (slice, fade, hook, ball flight, etc.) all you are going to get is what driver the person either has or drools over. 


So with that in mind, I really like the new Nike Convert and the new Ping G25.  In addition to that, I have read that Titleist's 913's get rave reviews, Taylor Made's RBZ is supposed to be rocketballz'ier. 


In the end, every driver has a COR of .83 and is made of titanium and graphite. 

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I have an older Cobra S2, really like it but I'm looking at the Nike Convert. I hit the s&!t out of my friends new Convert at the range. Really like the look at set up, gives you a feeling of confidence, easy the hit and the ball jumps off the face. I don't believe the hype but it is a nice driver, give it a try.

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Not trying to bash the club or anything, but I've read about a number of quality control issues regarding the Covert. If your interested in the club, I'd say do a little research regarding it.


That said, I'm in the market for a new driver as well, I like my 9064ls a great deal...just kind of looking for something new, preferably with a lower launch. At the top of my list, is the Cleveland Classic Custom XL, Adams Super LS, and Cally Razr Fit Xtreme.

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Lovin my xhot pro!!!
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Funny that you mentioned a Superfast burner driver because I bought one, played it once then got rid of it because it was too light for me. I picked up the Taylormade RocketBallz adjustable driver last week for $149 and love it. It's a little heavier than the Superfast so I think that's why I can hit with this one. 

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Yeah i was just hitting the rbz, might get i am going to compare it to the r11s once i have the chance

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I was a big Callaway fan until I tried a Taylormade. I'm not going back because these drivers are so easy to hit.

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