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Twice a week weather permitting, once in the league, another with friends. On the off chance I may get out a third time. I have no idea how many times I playes lest year.

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Thursday is league night, (22 weeks worth) 18 holes every Sundays with my wife or the guys if she doesn't feel like playing.  Couple of golf vacations each year, few outings and tournaments thrown in for good measure. 


This year, I'm going to put a 'sub available' notice on the board at a course 5 minutes from my home.  Should be able to pick up another weeknight nine ... and hopefully for FREE!!!



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No where near as much as i'd like.  With a busy college schedule i've only got to play 3 times this year, but im trying to find a way to to play at least once a week.  Once summer hits I'll probably play 2 or 3 times a week and be on a range every day.  Once i sharpen up my wedges and irons I feel like I have the potential to go REALLY low this year

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In season, I played three 18-hole rounds a month, and one nine at a small course near my friend's house. I would usually hit balls before and after the round. Would get in an additional bucket and a separate chip-and-putt session each week after work.


I would like to get in about six rounds a month this summer, if I get more flex-time projects.


We got about 7 inches of snow this morning, so my "season" probably won't start until early April.

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i don't get to play nearly as much as I would like.  Last summer I would get to play once ever week to 10 days and hopefully make the range / lesson, etc every week. 


This summer I will be traveling for work and will be in hotel rooms at night with not much to do.  I am hoping to bring my clubs and play twilight municipal courses / practice 2-3 times a week and play 18 every other weekend. 

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I normally play 3-4 times a week.  But this year bumping it up to everyday, as my schedule has freed up considerably.


First post! Happy to be here :)

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2x a week usually weekends with an occasional charity event during the week. practice at the "private range" 3-4 x a week mostly chipping (my weak spot)

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Assuming I'm home all weekend, always on Sunday, and usually Saturday as well.  From spring through fall, I walk 9 a couple of times a week.  Usually I will also try to play on vacation or work travel.


Certainly 100 rounds a year and then some.

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We play every weekend 9 or 18 and get to the range once a week that is of course if we are not on a Boy Scout outing. Although we go a lot less because he is starting his Eagle and of course he has a girl friend now we still get in a round.

Vacations have been more around the house so we play a bit more then but i would play every other day if i could.

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For the most part, I play every weekend starting around the first of April and go thru mid November.  This year first of April start will be very suspect, as we still have snow on the ground with more expected early next week.

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Now that my boss has gotten back into golf after a long layoff, he's become my regular playing partner. We go every Friday after work and play 9 or 18. I try to hit the range at least once a week.

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I play two to three rounds per week -year 'round.

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Usually 2-4 times per week between April and September with a couple weeks off in the middle somewhere - usually during the hottest part of the summer.

Hit the range a couple times a week in March and April, then don't usually hit the range save for a session here and there for the rest of the summer.


Starting my season this weekend down in Nashville with a quick 4 rounds.  a3_biggrin.gif

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If I don't play a minimum of at least 100 rounds of golf during a year.................. the year is considered a complete failure.  Of course I've played many, many more during some years........but a minimum of 100 is my minimum fail-safe.  anything less is a complete failure...........................................

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I can't remember what the last day I didn't play was. Probably a rainy day.

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I try to play twice a week if I can manage it, nine after school one day, and 18 on sunday.

Once AP Tests and college choices are over in May I'll be able to hit the range more, and I'll be playing a ton this summer.

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