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Thinking about a higher loft.

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My driver has developed a crack on the crown and I have to replace it. I strike the ball on the decent of my swing and I hit the ball low most of the time, nice low line drives that roll for miles or a nice arching trajectory that is about equal in distance to the lower shots. . My current Driver is a 10.5, Razr Fit. My swing speed is in the 100- 105 range I hit the ball out to 250 - 280 when I swing properly, couple of 300+ wind or terrain aided drives once in awhile. Stiff stock shaft cut down 1.25 inches.

 My question is, what effect would a 1* of loft increase  have on my distance? I was considering a 11.5 thinking that i might gain a few yards. I am always running into articles about armatures using the wrong lofted drivers.

 I was fitted for my current driver, just fitted for and bought a new set of I20 irons, so I just want to buy a used razr fit head that I can use my shaft with. Don't want to spend too much more money right now.

Thought I might buy an ebay driver head. Any thoughts? Thanks again.....Bill

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If you got fitted for your RazrFit driver, why do you think a extra degree of loft will improve your drives? If you hit the drives about 270, you're not the average amateur. They're talking about a golfer with 80 MPH swingspeed using a 9* loft driver, and losing distance by not reaching optimum ball height for their swing.


Also, where did you get your RazrFit? Is there any warranty left on the 2012 model driver for something like a cracked crown?


Not sure about the loft? Probably the best thing to do would be take your shaft to a shop, and compare 10.5* to 11.5* heads on the launch monitor. You are trying to find a shaft + loft combo which will give the best mix of height, distance and spin.


Other things to consider:

  • Any chance you could also test them outdoors, see how they fly.
  • For the testing, use the ball you play on the course. Don't use the salad bowl of this and that ball that are laying on the hitting bay floor.


If you go the eBay route and buy 11.5*, you're just guessing. Plus, you have no warranty if that driver head cracks also.

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Good reply, thanks. I got fitted last year for my driver after only playing the game a few months, my swing was all over. I also have changed my swing to a downward strike after reading Clampet's book. The warranty I don't think would cover the crack because it is from a crown ball strike.

I am guessing, that's why the post here, trying to educate the guess a little. I am going the ebay route because I just bought a set of irons and the budget is stretched already. At worst the loft won't work out for me and I'll only be out a hundred bucks or so.

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Downward strike and an extra degree? That makes sense.


If you can hit the ball 270 with your 11*, that should take care of you for awhile. Now the thing would be to make sure your short game comes along, and you can put iron shots on or near the green.


Key thing now is to put your drives in the fairway, or the first cut of rough. That's much more important than pressing the big stick for an extra 15 yards, considering how long you already hit it.


Note: Since you're getting refitted, you might create a "What's In My Bag" segment in your sig line, or in a link off your sig. That way, we can see what models and mix of clubs you carry, and how you approach the game.


Give us an update after you get the new driver head.

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Alright, thank you for the help on this. I ended up getting a used 9.5 head from ebay. I also bought a 11.5, both used. I have used the 9.5 for a few rounds now and several range sessions. I have lost distance and accuracy with the 9.5 from my 10.5.  Much more sensitive to over swinging or getting out of rhythm on my back swing, These errors typically end up sliced into the next fairway.                                                               My flush hits on the sweet spot have less carry and the roll out is left on a draw and right on a fade so I don't get the benefit of added roll on the lower loft. Even when I get a high launch there's just no distance. I bombed one, just crushed it so I thought I'd laze it to see how far it traveled, 255, hit another about 265 but that's it.                                                                                                                                 Interesting,  this game of golf. I'll bolt on the 11.5 head and use it for a week or two and see what happens. It's nice to go and get analyzed and get those launch and spin numbers but this will be a nice real world comparison.

 I will put together a post about this experiment and the results. I'll go back to Kelpers and send an hour on their swing analyzer and post those numbers as well.  Thanks again.

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