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Ball flight help

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Hey guys , this is mostly for my driver and woods, I tend to hit a lower a shot like not a straight line driver but it's not as high as I would like... Any tips?
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Might be coming too steeply, like across the ball. I would try to get the club more inside. 

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I'm by no means an expert, but I seem to remember reading (or maybe watching Golf Channel Academy) that to get more height on your drive, to move the ball forward in your stance. This will get your club on more of an upswing as it makes contact with the ball. If this doesn't work, you might want to try teeing it a bit higher. If you tee the ball sort of low now, you might want to try teeing it higher first, and see if that makes a difference.
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1) you could be hitting a really low spin drive, alot of spin will increase height of the drive

2) you are hitting a pull shot (pull fade, pull draw, pull), this shot is lower compared to a push shot

3) you have the wrong golf shaft in the club

4) you have to little loft on the driver for your swing speed and type


Just some options that could cause a low drive

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But the thing is it goes straight I swing roughly 90 mph with regular which is my correct shaft it's even 10.5 loft so it has to be something with my swing
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Or do you think it goes straight, because i played for years with a pull. I would aim 20 yards right on my drive and just swing very hard and hit pulls all day. But they went straight to my eye because i was aiming right. I didn't know this till about 5 years ago. So you can say, "Oh my ball flight is straight" but under ball flight laws it can be a pull or a push. 

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Honestly it could be that because I tend to slice with a slight out to in.... Next time ill lay an alignment stick down as I'm hitting
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Make sure you are keeping your head behind the ball.  It helps with an ascending blow.  I can not have a positive angle of attack without keeping my head behind the ball.

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Hey guys, so basically I figured it out... Or I hope so, I like to have a closed stance promoting an in-out swing however this opens the cub face slightly, but since I roll my hands over at impact I have a nice draw, what I was doing was closing it even more, so I was snap hooking on a bad shot, and with solid contact and timing I hit it low but I figured it out so all things well :)
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