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Tiger Woods VS Michael Jordan

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Different sports but who's dominating more in their field? Tiger or Michael

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MJ had more flash/flare.  He was really the first true sports 'icon' that I remember as a kid.  So to me... MJ had more of an impact on me personally.  


But as an adult, I admire Tiger more because he has mastered such a difficult sport. A sport that I thoroughly love and enjoy and understand how difficult it is to even play Par golf - let alone the level he is playing at.  And he has done it on his own merit... Under the microscope of 7 billion people.  MJ was before social media... He didn't have nearly the distractions that Tiger faces.  



Plus, Tiger takes his game all over the world for nearly 10 months a year and plays at a high level.  MJ played in the NBA, all stateside (other than the occasional Olympics every four years)... On an abbreviated schedule (NBA runs from November to June) when compared to golf.  So Tigers schedule is much, much more taxing on the body and mind IMO.  Traveling all those miles is not easy... I don't care how much 'first class' travel you have.  It is still stressful getting your body and mind to adjust to international travel.


Tiger is 37yrs old... With the way he takes care of himself... He could be dominating the game of golf for another 10yrs.  Which is incredible to think about the number of wins the dude is going to have by the time he is eligible to play on the Champions Tour.

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Not sure how to compare. Easy to say tiger because MJ was part of a team. Easy to say MJ because of 6 championships and all those Mvps and various records. Ill go tie and ask another question ... Who's better at baseball? Never even seen tiger play but he gets my vote because I HAVE seen MJ play. ;)
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Funny how no one ever claimed that MJ had to win as many championships as Bill Russell to be considered the GOAT.

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I think when all is said and done it will be Tiger.  If you look at his accomplishments, he dominated just like MJ, but he'll also walk away with all the important records (at least, I think he will).


As far as influence, Tiger might be the only one who can surpass MJ.  Not only is he (arguably) the GOAT, but he's playing a game that is traditionally played by privileged white men.  Of course, he wasn't the first, but he's certainly the most recognizable.  

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Once Tigers career is over - I will have an opinion. Right now, MJ

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Originally Posted by Kieran123 View Post

Once Tigers career is over - I will have an opinion. Right now, MJ

opinion....I meant better idea

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With all due respect: 


Tiger has to beat an entire field.  He doesn't have teammates, and he isn't allowed to break the rules (traveling) because he is a superstar.

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To give a fair comparison you will have to wait and see how the rest of tigers career turns out. Michael Phelps might be another good mention of dominance within a sport, he tends to get overlooked.
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Tiger! Professional golfers used to shrink when playing with Tiger. I think guys may have shrunk a bit when gaurding MJ but it happened less often. The Bad Boy Pistons didnt back down from MJ, neither did those great Knicks teams. Those NBA guys took it as a challenge. Plus MJ got every call.

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