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... Anyone familiar with Stonebridge near Collinsville, IL?  I used to live in C'ville before it was built but thought I'd like to try it.



Stonebridge is actually in Maryville. Looks like it started out as a housing development club, but ended up as a semi-private of some sort.


How to describe it? They build an 18-hole course on acreage with room for 15 holes. No practice range - just a putting green by the clubhouse.


Nice scenery, lots of rise and fall in the terrain, and several interesting holes, but it is tight! Holes No. 6 and 7 are short, watery par 4s that measure 338 and 316 yds. from the back tees; a 6-iron is the most you want to use off the tees or you'll blow through the landing areas!


The back nine has some odd routing around holes 14 and 15 (if I remember right)... you can get lost if  you miss one of the "road signs" along the way.


One problem the course has, along with its tight quarters, is the original trees have spread out their canopies and been joined by some volunteer trees. This means the fairway doesn't get much sun on five of the holes, and the grass is patchy to match. Lumberjacks need to come in and take down about 200 trees. (FYI, Lebanon's old Locust Hills course near McKendree University has undergone major tree removal this past year)


Here's the website: http://www.golfatstonebridge.com/aboutus/

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Thanks for the update. I will probably play Locust Hills once or twice. My in laws live about 2 miles from there. Too close to pass up. Used to play at Tamarack in O'Fallon (IL) so might wander by there as well. Was member at Arlington near Granite City for one year way back when but not compelling enough for me to go there. My daughter's BF won't be in town for as long as we were originally planning so will have to scrape together some games. Nine brothers in law and none play golf. Sigh.
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