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UST Mamiya Recoil Shafts

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I'm new to The Sand Trap, I live in Florida, and I just ordered a full set of UST Recoil (600 series) shafts, 76 gram, regular flex, for my Ping G25 irons. I'll post my opinions about how they compare to the stock shafts and others I've used as soon as I've had some time to experience them in play. I imagine about two weeks. If anyone else is using these, I'd like to hear your impressions, too.
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Welcome to the forum!


What caused you to choose that particular shaft?  Look forward to hearing your comments.

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I have some 125 gram Recoil Prototypes (there are three series of these shafts -- 600, 800 and Proto) on order to go in my wedges. They were supposed to arrive this Monday but I've heard nothing from my club maker, so probably won't get them until next week.

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I chose the Recoil shafts because UST is claiming that they have all the benefits of graphite and steel in one shaft, and what little I've heard about the Recoils from independent 3rd parties has been very positive. Additionally, I've heard Kuchar and Snedeker are using them now on tour. Finally, when I bought my first set of irons, I was fortunate enough to not know that I was supposed to prefer steel shafts "because that's what the pros play", so I bought graphite and never suffered severe vibrations on mis-hits while I was learning. Subsequently, I grew to love graphite shafts and the Recoils appear to be, at this time, the closest to the ultimate evolution of that technology.

I am interested in hearing why some people want heavy shafts. I don't see any advantage to heavy shafts, and if it's just because heavy shafts feel like steel, I can do without that.
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Kuchar and Sneds are using the AeroTech Steelfibers, which are similar ... but different. a1_smile.gif

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Ah, thanks for that correction, I was surprised when the sales person told me that because the shafts are so new to the market, I suspected that info was wrong.
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I was looking at these, but somehow I can't find anything special about them compare to other shafts similar in weight. UST uses denser fiber to make Recoil shafts, means heavier shafts feel less boardy, flex better... comparable to steel shafts with advantages of graphite shafts (vibration dampening...)


What are the improvements of the lighter Recoil series? $45 a piece, they better be good.

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I have the G25's and am considering changing to aerotech or recoil shafts. I would appreciate your feed back on your new shafts.

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Like the Recoils very much in my wedges. Enough that I'm going to put some slightly lighter ones (110 gram) in my irons. They are smoother (yes, I know it's a weasel word) than the KBS Tour S that were in there before, the flight is similar and vibration damping is much better. They are also sphincter-clenchingly expensive here in South Africa, but damn it I'm worth it.

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