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My Swing (Vassago)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ On and off for 5-6 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 15'ish

My typical ball flight is: ...?

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: When I hit it good, I feel like I get pretty decent shots, but I have too many shots that are just pretty bad misses, so I'm thinking there are some things that makes my swing very unreliable... 


Sorry for the bad video quality - my Casio was out of battery for this first session outdoors.



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New and better video. Hit a lot og balls today, and pulled a lot of the shots, hit a lot of fat ones, and some shanks due to hitting the ball too far in on the head (so it hit some of the shaft as well)....


Any input would be greatly appreciated... :p


First full speed, then slow dtl, head on, and one dtl with a hybrid. 


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It appears that club gets stuck behind you on backswing which leads to having to re-route it by coming "over the top". A teaching pro gave me a swing tip some years ago that may help - he had me hit shots with my back next to a large net. The point is to swing without letting the club touch the net. It condenses the swing eliminating unnecessary movement.   

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Thank you very much for the input! Over the top, and very wristy, yes. I have moved the ball further away since I shot that video, which helped greatly.


That drill - won't the club get caught in the net in the backswing? (If I'm almost standing against it with my back?)

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Way too much movement off the ball in the backswing. That's a perfect recipe for inconsistent striking. Look how far your head goes away from the target, and how you never get it back anywhere near its position at address. That likely means you can't get your weight forward enough in the downswing, which means you can't get the low point of your swing arc in front of the ball, which means you're entirely reliant on timing your release to avoid hitting it fat, then thin, then fat etc.




This is happening because you are staying in flexion too much in your backswing. You need to let the right leg straighten more, which will let the hips turn on a more tilted angle (yours are too level), which will start giving you the extension you need to keep your head steady. To you, it's going to feel like the whole right side of your body is stretching out as much as possible, from ankle to shoulder -- like you're shoving that shoulder up to the sky. You are flexible enough to not need to think about "turning" at all. Just streeeeetch out that right side and let your left shoulder move down under your chin. 



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You are so right, my back was approx. 3 feet from net so no risk of getting tangled. The instructor wanted me in a mindset of condensed, one piece swing.
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Stretch: Thank you very much for the feedback! I think I understand what you mean, and I'll have a go at it on the range today. Will start with some lessons with a pro now, too, so I'm hoping to get some of the worst problems sorted out. :p


Mulligan Jeff: Ok, then I understand. Thank you!

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You're welcome! Here's a more in-depth discussion of what we're talking about.


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