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Here are a few of my favorite things...


  • A mix of holes. The early 1900s designers like the Foulis brothers usually planned for six easy, six medium and six really hard holes per 18. Doesn't need to be a pure 6-6-6, but some variety in difficulty and in length among the holes.
  • A miminize on "killer" holes where only scratch golfers can score less than a double bogey. Many classic designers allowed you a bailout area on the tough holes so you can lay up short, and try to get an up and down.
  • Decent tee boxes. If the course has well build and well maintained tee boxes, the rest of the course is in solid shape too.
  • Women's tees that are actually build as tees. Don't spike a couple of red cubes in the short rough on a 20° downslope and claim it's a tee box.
  • A practice range that's open. I don't plan to rebuild my game before the round. But, I like to warm up and hit two dozen full shots, just so I know how things are flying that day. I hate it when I haven't played in 10 days, I call ahead to a strange course that says yes, they have a practice range, and I show up the next day and find out the range is closed because  (the mower broke, the ball boy quit, the sewer line ruptured and flooded the tee area, yada yada...)
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Courses that I can walk if I choose, and those where I can find and play my bad tee shots. I don't mind if I'm in the trees or rough or some combination, I just don't like it when a bad tee shot always means OB or lost ball.
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Some things:

-Must be par 72. I like par 5's and don't like courses that only have 2.
-Well Maintained
-Big courses. What is mean is I don't like courses that are built on a postage stamp and have every hole running side by side. I also like wide fairways and big greens. Fairways shouldn't be so narrow that I have to hit iron off of half the tees and greens shouldn't be so small that any GIR is a legitimate birdie try.
-Holes of varying length. I like a short risk reward par 4 and I like 500 yard par 4's as well as everything in between. I also like to see some par 5's that can be hit in two as well as a 600 yard par 5 that makes you make some decisions with laying-up.
-And finally, Decent par 3's. I hate a lot of modern courses that think every par 3 must be 200+ yards long. Some of the greatest par 3's in the world are 150 yards or less. (#12 at Augusta, #15 at Pebble Beach, #17 at Sawgrass). It's perfectly fine to have a short par three to a difficult well bunkered green.

The last one about par 3's is a big one to me as I play the back tees a lot and nothing is worse than having the hit hybrid off every par 3 tee box. It's boring!
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I've played a lot of golf over the past 20+yrs and played every type of course you could imagine.......from the worst goat ranch to the best high end courses.  I've paid my dues..... I don't have a specific favorite style of course, but I demand meticulous upscale playing conditions and a challenging layout.  

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make a hole in the ground, and stick a flag into it, and I will hit to it.  i just love being outside, swinging the club and watching the result. my favorite course is my home course - wahconah c.c. in the berkshires.

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I like that I don't have to play the tips (75.2CR 144slope) every time to be challenged...........73.2CR 141slope forward tees serve as an alternative.   By years end, I'll lay both sets many times.  I have no interest in playing easy courses by comparison.   It is no challenge.....and that...........I don't like.

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Average time to play 18 holes, value for money, and customer service are big factors when I select a course.
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What makes me like a course?


1) For any course, I look for a bang for the buck whenever possible, good course maintenance, and a friendly, courteous staff.


2) When on vacation I like courses that are golfer friendly, have wide fairways, are well defined, no blind shots, and a pace of play that is not too slow.


3) For local courses that I can play a number of times every year, I look for courses that make me use every club in the bag with a nice variety of shots, as well as fast greens.


4) If I had unlimited financial resources, I would want a country club with an accomplished staff (pro shop, grounds and dining),  a posh practice facility, fine cuisine, first-class caddie program, and championship layout.

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Memorable holes, well kept fairways and greens, and playability... Challenging courses are great, but there comes a point where a course is so tricked up that making par is next to impossible. That's where things can get frustrating.

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Course condition is a huge one for me.  Fairways in top shape and greens that roll smoothly.


After that...its ambience, for me.  I like a good "picture"...if that makes sense.  Nice trees, good landscaping, a course that makes you feel "away from the world" for a round. 


I like a variety in hole shapes and layouts.  The length isn't as big of an issue but I like holes that make you think of playing different shots or to different spots.  Add on to that, holes that give you options on how to play it.  Some with forced carries, some where you can play links golf, that kind of thing.


After that comes the staff and all that "runs" the course.  Friendly service(not bend over backwards service but a "hey, how are you guys doin today?" with a smile goes a long way with me)

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1. Cost
2. Plays fair but has some challenges
3. Allows walking (I often walk 9)
4. Can play by myself
5. Friendly staff
6. Close to home
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