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The most holes/rounds you have played with 1 ball, or not lost a ball? - Page 2

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It's some number greater than 1.  But I'm pretty sure it's smaller than 72.





I think somewhere closer to the first number....

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I went 82 holes with a Bridgey e6+ one time. I'd like to say it was because I played exceptionally well but it was just a ball that seemed to always sit out in the open whenever I was wayward. Finally was lost when I hit it off the golf course on a hole close to the boundary fence.

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My willow staff DX3 has gone 2 full rounds and a 9 hole Sunday arvo hit. I'm hoping it will last 18 more holes tomoz and then I will retire it I think.

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Several years ago, I played 39 (?) holes with one distance ball. Tragic end: I pushed an iron shot to the right of the green, hit a metal ground-under-repair stake next to a bunker, and gashed the ball.

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18 Holes today with sand on the recently aerated  greens. The logos were worn off the ball by the end of the day. 

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I was talking to my Club Pro last night (we have a weekly poker game and I was off) and he loved how I kept playing the same ball to see how long I could go and not lose it. He decided to have a tournament soon to get the season started. Everyone gets a new ball and plays atleast 2 rounds. When and if you loose your ball you are out of the tourny. Those that finish win all the money. And if nobody goes 36 then the person that went the longest wins it all. What do you all think about something like this?
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OK, I pumped one into the left side lateral hazard on 10th tee, took my drop, hit to back fringe (back hole placement), ran the downhill putt 5 by feet and missed, double bogey. Finished with 81. NOT going to help my index get down to 1.4 to qualify for the scratch tourneys.

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We have a April team tourney, each team of four gets a "Logo" ball, each player takes turns playing the ball on each new hole, if you complete the round with the "Logo" ball, low score wins. This is in addition to best one ball gross, best two net tourney, it keeps everyone on hyper focus unless they have blown themselves out of the tourney. Winning score is usually 4 under net with "Logo" ball, 10 - 12 under with the three team score balls. But you never know, sometimes the super places some ridiculously hard hole placements, and with our green speeds 14 ft after rolling the greens, putting can take all day.

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3 rounds and counting!

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Just got back from a week of desert golf, 72 holes and no lost balls. Swapped balls out to best fit the strategy of the hole pocketed the Taylormade TP from the 10th & 11th holes of one course, 12, 242 yard par three with open approach, Topflite rolled up perfectly to hole high, par executed.

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I just went an entire winter without losing a single ball! :D


The longest I've actually gone on one ball was around 9 holes. I then managed to lose 3 more after that on the back nine!

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I played all winter with a Slazenger feel that I found so I'd guess 6 to 7 rounds and it held up pretty well. I pushed a drive and it ended up in a creek never to be seen again...

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went 3 1/2 rounds and then lost 4 balls in the last two rounds!

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