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Is it me or my clubs?

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Hello, I'm new to the game and in need of some opinions.


I outswung my first clubs after 2 months into the game, they were too flexible for my swing speed, I was consistency swing my 5 iron at 83mph and Asian 55 grams regular graphite shafts just wouldn't work for me. At that time I didn't know my swing sucks, I was trying to kill the ball with every swing, it's very funny that I did better at the course than at the range, now I kind of know why, I tensed up at the course and slowed down, it helped a little bit.


Fast forward a little, I bought new irons, this time with 90 grams steel shaft, regular flex. The next 10 (roughly) range sessions are nightmare, I can't hit them, any of them, without digging into the ground first. I was very frustrated and decided to work on my swing from the ground up after a week not going to the range. It turned out that my takeaway, my backswing, downswing... all of them are way worse than I thought. So I worked on them all, practice every moves, 200-300 reps a day, slowly without club, with club, faster and faster, I also work on a smooth tempo, not rushing things up.


But it didn't help, I still digging into the ground with almost every swing. About two weeks ago, there is this guy (7 handicap I believe) practiced next to my mat at the range, he came to me asking "Why do you keep hitting into the mat like that?", I was confused, like I wanted to, and answered "I think I have problem with my downswing, the clubhead keep going right down the mat". He asked my how long I was playing and after found out that I started about 3 months ago, he said I have a decent swing for a beginner, and spent almost 2 hours working with me straighten out some details. Wow, that was eye openning, he adjusted my setup and right away I hit 3 consecutive pure shots, balls was going high and far despite I swung easy like he said. The most important fix was getting the ball further away from my body at setup, to the point that my arms and the club almost make a straight line, just like the way he setup.


I practice Rotary Swing, and that setup is way different than how they taught, but it works, after 2-3 range sessions, I can hit ball after ball online (well, dispersion is still about 40 yards right to left, but that's huge improvment)


Few days ago, I chatted with some people at the range and they want to try my clubs, they were curious about the single length concept (all the irons are the same length) and right after the first swing, all 3 of them told me that the clubs are way too heavy, and surprisingly they all hitting fat shots trying the clubs. I was confused and went to the pro shop borrowing some 7 iron with 65 grams graphite shafts, and topped next 5 shots, the clubhead wouldn't go down enough to even hit thin shots.


Now let me get to the point, after a lengthy introduction, do you think that too heavy a club with pull itself away from your body, hitting the ground, resulted in fat shots? I was wondering, but with a 90 grams shaft, 275 grams club head and standard 50 grams grip, these clubs are nowhere near the weight of other 8 iron with DG R300 shaft (all my irons are built to the spec of an 8 iron), 40 grams added weight to the shaft would make that much different?


I'm in a middle of the road here, I can hit balls ok with my current clubs with my "adjusted" setup, reaching out for the ball, it works, why change it? But I'm having this idea of going back to graphite shafts (70-75 grams maybe, 55 grams shaft are too light, I can be sure of that) hopefully I can setup the way they (rotaryswing.com) taught.


Thank you for keeping up with me to this part, English isn't my native language, I'm sorry if it's hard to understand.

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I would get fit at the closest golf facility and see what their suggestions are. Its hard for us to say since we don't have much to go off of. Fitting golf clubs has many variables. It would be more valuable for you to go to a professional and get their opinion after they use a launch monitor or allow you to hit a few different types of shafts. 

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Agree with G Hansen above.  Go to golf pro shop, ask to be fitted for clubs that are conventional lengths, weight and with shafts that more closely match your swing speeds.


There is a good reason no tour player has an iron set where all clubs are the same length and swing weight.  The likely answer is because it's probably not a good idea.




ps:  Your written English is fine.  Well done.

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Unfortunately we don't have any clubfitter around here, I can go to Singapore to get fitted but that would take too much time, not to mention money.


I went to the course today and played the best long game today, well I lost about 2 clubs of distance compared to my old irons but I have never hit so much pure shots before in a round.


I thought about rebuild one of my clubs with another shaft and try it out for about 2 weeks, what do you think?

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Post a video and have one of our resident experts look at it. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say its your swing. If you hit behind the ball you aren't holding lag or transferring weight. If you top the ball you are lifting up. I believe it's swing flaws causing bad shots, not clubs.
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