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Do you have a routine for watching the Masters? - Page 2

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I like watching it on the Master's website, they have a great streaming, and you pick the lead group, or certain golf holes to watch. The quality is very good as well

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Originally Posted by chriskzoo View Post

have you ever heard Jim Nantz practicing his closing line, like "One for the ages!" 

nah, rarely have an "age changing" moment during a Tuesday or Wednesday practice round. They might work on some points to discuss during the latter stages, so I sometimes would recognize what they're talking about from the rehearsals.
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I place my rear on the couch and don't move, that's the extent of my ritual.

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Originally Posted by lumpuckeroo View Post

I place my rear on the couch and don't move, that's the extent of my ritual.


Ha Ha--this works for me!
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On wednesday, I turn on the TV. 




On sunday night, I turn off the TV

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My routine:


1) Turn on the TV coverage.  

2) Turn on Google TV, fire up the browser and navigate to the online coverage.  

3) Initiate picture-in-picture so that I can watch both at the same time.

4) Turn on my laptop and navigate to another segment of the online coverage.

5) Pull my hair out and curse at the screen about how horrible the coverage is.

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Downstairs - TV on and away from family.


Workout and watch at the same time.  A hour or two there

Then - Pretend to work out for another hour or so.  This is more fun.


If the weather is still crappy, we have an indoor range I might drive to - at the end, is a big screen and lawn furniture.  Maybe I'll hit, maybe I'll just join the group at the big screen.....

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I'll be working for all four rounds plus today's Par 3 Contest, but fortunately (or not, since I can't be at home) I work in an audio/video store.  The only time that I won't be watching is if I'm closing a sale or in a high-end audio room demonstrating speakers and components with no video display.  I'll check out ESPN 3D on DirecTV as well.  It's a little disconcerting at first but it's pretty cool to see the undulations on the green and how steep the hills are in 3D.  I'm not a huge fan of 3D but some events are just right for it.  The Masters is one of those. 

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I watch what I can on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday I don't leave the TV except to pee. Even then, I try to wait for the infrequent commercial.

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My wife wants to get her nails done and go shopping and stuff this weekend. I will be more than happy to fork over the plastic this weekend!

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i am lucky that my mrs is a golfer,well i say a golfer,she come around the golf course with me and strokes the ball along.

.Since i told her to swing the same way as she hoovers the house, shes become a fine player.I know golf should stand for GENTS ONLY LADYS FORBIDDEN, but there is the advantage that the old girl likes to swing sometimes,and also enjoys watching the golf on TV.


So the Masters will be watched all 4 days from start to finish.I live in the Austrian Alps,theres loads of snow outside,so its in front of the log fire with a good red wine and enjoy the golf.Cant wait.

So to all you fellow golfers Enjoy watching this great tournament,hope i dont get too emotional on the back 9 sunday night and start blubbing.a4_sad.gif

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Love your thinking Spyder.Why not see if the Chippendales are in town,Buy her a ticket for the show,she will be out all night,and you can watch the golf in peace.She may not even come back,naaa Guess thats too much to ask....enjoy the golf

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Looks like my "in-house feed" is about 20-30 seconds ahead of the Masters.com "Live" coverage. Anyone want to bet on some putts? a2_wink.gif
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If by routine you mean wrestling the TV with marginal success from my wife and daughters (16, 14, and 10), then yes I do have a routine.

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sunday will be ribs, chicken, and beer, with friends.

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