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Bent elbows (really not what you think)

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Hi all,


This is my first post here and I am a probably going into a lot of detail but I am at a loss of what to do.


This might be a bit of a weird topic but I am interested if anyone has any advice or recommendations. I have bent elbows, not just from my swing but in general. I have a sort of "genetic" problem which basically stops my elbows from fully extending. One (my left arm) is much worse than my other and I have had two surgeries on it in the last 8 months to remove bone spurs that have either broken off or causing pain.


Anyway to my point. Here is what my elbows look like






as you can see my left is a lot worse (top). So I have been trying to work out what sort of problems this might cause me on my swing and what sort of compensations I have to make for this sort of thing. "Keeping my left arm straight" is a bit different for me but I figured since it's technically straight anyway it shouldn't have ANY difference at all. I am not entirely sure where to start on this one or whether my logic is correct.


Just as one note, one day I noticed how much this caused my left wrist to be bent on my grip. Maybe it's the way I am gripping or my setup but this is how it looks



See how on the right side my wrist is so bent? is this more a setup issue than anything?


I have lots of questions as you can see and it's probably the weirdest thing I've asked on a forum but if anyone can give me some advice, if anything about this could cause me a problem or if my problems are more generic I would really appreciate it.


Thanks all

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Your left hand seems to be "on top" of the club too much. The grip with your left hand should be more in the fingertips rather then the palm which it looks like in tht pic. Strengthen the left hand a bit(roll the left hand under the club more) should feel better for you. Also try interlocking or overlapping your right pinky finger with your left index finger.
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Hey! Thanks for the comment and advice. I have to admit I didn't properly grip like I usually do with glove and positioning and I might have over exaggerated the angle to show what I meant so maybe I should repost my grip as well. However I do overlap already (it looks like a baseball grip there) but I know it doesn't quite look like it. I would be happy to take another shot of my actual grip if that is useful.


So any other ideas about the elbows? are they not a factor? anyone got any ideas?


Thanks again for the advice, most appreciated.

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